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    • Designing uncomplicated software 

      Dorin, Michael; Montenegro, Sergio (Universidad de Lima, Carrera de Ingeniería de SistemasPerú, 2018)
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      The Agile Manifesto prescribes less focus on tools and processes, and more focus on human interactions. This is a very important and powerful concept; however, many development organizations have interpreted it in terms ...
    • A life cycle for creating an uncomplicated software 

      Dorin, Michael; Montenegro, Sergio (Universidad de LimaPerú, 2019)
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      Modern software development life cycle models tend to be less formal and less rigid then Waterfall based models of the past. However, creating software without following even the most basic of plans often results in ...
    • Teaching software engineering to career-changers 

      Dorin, Michael; Machuca-de-Pina, Juan-Manuel; Montenegro, Sergio (IEEEEstados Unidos, 2019)
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      The Graduate Programs in Software department of the University of St. Thomas provides an avenue for people to pursue software related careers without regards to their prior technical background. This flexible program offers ...