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  • Diseño y evaluación de un nuevo formato digital de lectura de cuentos ilustrados: Correpalabras 

    Montalvo-Castro, Jorge-Andrés; Martos-Castañeda, Néstor-José (Universidad de Castilla-La ManchaEspaña, 2019)
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    En esta investigación se diseña y evalúa un formato digital de lectura de cuentos en el cual el texto se mueve a una velocidad que cada niño o niña puede regular según su capacidad lectora. El formato, denominado ...
  • Treatment of irrigation water infested with nematodes using a solar photoreactor 

    Inga López, Jesarella; Meza Contreras, Víctor; Rodríguez-Delfín, Alfredo; Ponce-Álvarez, Silvia; Paredes-Larroca, Fabricio; Quino-Favero, Javier; Eyzaguirre-Pérez, Raúl; Saettone-Olschewski, Erich (Desalination PublicationsEstados Unidos, 2020)
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    The objective of this study was to assess the efficacy of the disinfection of irrigation water loaded with the plant-parasitic nematode Meloidogyne incognita using a solar photoreactor. The photoreactor was comprised of a ...
  • Development of a Fuzzy Logic-Based Solar Charge Controller for Charging Lead–Acid Batteries 

    Paredes-Larroca, Fabricio-Humberto; Saettone-Olschewski, Erich-Arturo; Quino-Favero, Javier; Rosales-Huamaní, Jimmy; Castillo-Sequera, José-Luis (SpringerSuiza, 2020)
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    The design and implementation of a solar charge controller for lead–acid batteries is intended to supplement a component of the water purification module of the water treatment unit for natural disaster relief. This unit ...
  • Meditation before the Ruins of Grandfather Yaddallah’s House 

    Rabí-Do-Carmo, Alonso (Taylor & FrancisReino Unido, 2019)
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    El documento es un poema, considerado para una antología de escritores latinoamericanos de origen árabe que reflexionan sobre la cuestión palestina.
  • Voluntourism: An academic proposal for sustainability in tourism and digital technologies 

    Dreifuss-Serrano, Cristina; Herrera, Pablo (IEEEEstados Unidos, 2019)
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    Voluntary tourism (voluntourism) is an experience that combines travelling and social aide at the destination, organized in a way that allows travelers to work on activities that would help the local population. It takes ...
  • Diagnostic of habitability of emergency temporary housing in Peru 

    Rondinel-Oviedo, Daniel-Ricardo; Acevedo-de-los-Ríos, Alejandra; Wendorff-Esteves, Sebastian; Albadra, Dima; Paszkiewicz, Natalia (IEEEEstados Unidos, 2019)
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    In Peru, emergency temporary housing (ETH) is currently facing environmental, social, and economic problems. From an environmental perspective, no studies have explored the habitability and internal comfort of these units ...
  • Classification and assessment of construction materials for a preliminary evaluation of environmental impacts in Lima, Peru 

    Rondinel-Oviedo, Daniel-Ricardo; Schreier-Barreto, Christopher (IEEEEstados Unidos, 2019)
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    The environmental impacts due to the construction materials are measured through life cycle assessment programs at an additional cost for construction companies, which means that these impacts are often disregarded. A ...
  • La memoria en la ciudad de Juvenal Baracco. Los estudios sobre la ciudad de Lima como herramienta para el proyecto de arquitectura 

    Montestruque-Bisso, Octavio (RedfundamentosEspaña, 2019)
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    A mediados del siglo XX, Lima crece vertiginosamente debido a las migraciones de las zonas rurales hacia las periferias desocupadas de la ciudad. Las nuevas barriadas, autoconstruidas y autogestionadas, rápidamente se ...
  • ZnO (Ag-N) Nanorods Films Optimized for Photocatalytic Water Purification 

    Sanchez, Luis; Castillo, Carlos; Cruz, Willy; Yauri, Bryan; Sosa, Miguel; Luyo, Clemente; Candal, Roberto-Jorge; Ponce-Álvarez, Silvia; Rodríguez, Juan-M. (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing InstituteSuiza, 2019)
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    ZnO nanorods (NRs) films, nitrogen-doped (ZnO:N), and ZnO doped with nitrogen and decorated with silver nanostructures (ZnO:N-Ag) NRs films were vertically supported on undoped and N doped ZnO seed layers by a wet chemical ...
  • The other angle of Maslow's pyramid: How scarce environments trigger low-opportunity-cost innovations 

    Boudesseul, Jordane-Marie-Joseph; Rubiños, Cathy (Cambridge University PressReino Unido, 2019)
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    Is it true that innovation occurs only in abundant environments? Baumard defends that increased standards of living are a necessary condition for a change in life history strategy to help understand the Industrial Revolution. ...
  • Research gradualness matrix for undergraduate students in computing related careers 

    Gutiérrez-Cárdenas, Juan-Manuel; Rodríguez-Rodríguez, Nadia-Katherine (IEEEEstados Unidos, 2019)
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    A drawback in the academic formation of some undergraduate students in computing related careers is the lack of preparation for improving their research skills. In the following article, we ought to know if the gradual ...
  • Profiles of academic goals in engineering students at private universities in Peru 

    Machuca-de-Pina, Juan-Manuel; Chong, Mario (IEEEEstados Unidos, 2019)
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    Motivation is a complex construct related to performance, persistence, effort and the development of strategies for academic achievement in undergraduate university students. The characteristics of the engineering student ...
  • Teaching software engineering to career-changers 

    Dorin, Michael; Machuca-de-Pina, Juan-Manuel; Montenegro, Sergio (IEEEEstados Unidos, 2019)
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    The Graduate Programs in Software department of the University of St. Thomas provides an avenue for people to pursue software related careers without regards to their prior technical background. This flexible program offers ...
  • Numerical Simulation of Debris Flows of the Catastrophic Event of February 2019 in Mirave – Peru 

    Del-Savio, Alexandre; Quisca-Astocahuana, Samuel-Ismael; Castillo-Navarro, Leonardo-Franco (Instituto de Pesquisas Ambientais em Bacias Hidrograficas (IPABHi), 2019)
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    Debris flows are geophysical phenomena, caused by torrential rain, which occur in mountainous areas, characterized by the detachment of slope and riverbed materials and their consequent dislodge through watersheds and ...
  • EsPADA: Enhanced Payload Analyzer for malware Detection robust against Adversarial threats 

    Maestre-Vidal, Jorge; Sotelo-Monge, Marco-Antonio; Martínez-Monterrubio, Sergio-Mauricio (ElsevierHolanda, 2020)
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    The emergent communication technologies landscape has consolidated the anomaly-based intrusion detection paradigm as one of the most prominent solutions able to discover unprecedented malicious traits. It relied on building ...
  • El nuevo tratamiento del régimen de la capacidad en el Código Civil Peruano 

    Varsi-Rospigliosi, Enrique; Torres-Maldonado, Marco-Andrei (Universidad de Chile, Centro Interdisciplinario de Estudios en BioéticaChile, 2019)
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    El Perú cuenta con un nuevo tratamiento de la capacidad en el Código Civil de 1984, logrando un acercamiento a las directrices de las Naciones Unidas en pro de la autonomía y la plena capacidad jurídica de las personas ...
  • El Derecho ante la técnica de edición genética CRISPR 

    Cárdenas-Krenz, Arturo-Ronald (Universidad de Chile, Centro Interdisciplinario de Estudios en BioéticaChile, 2019)
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    La técnica de edición genética CRISPR constituye uno de los avances recientes más extraordinarios en materia de biotecnología, de alcances insospechados. En ese contexto, resulta fundamental analizar sus repercusiones en ...
  • History matters, but differently: Persisting and perpetuating effects on the likelihood of intimate partner violence 

    Hernández-Breña, Wilson-Virgilio; Durán-Fernández, Rosa-Luz (Taylor & FrancisEstados Unidos, 2019)
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    Ecological models of violence center on systems (micro, meso, and macro) surrounding personal history of violence, but few studies properly assess the effects of personal history on the likelihood of victimization. Using ...
  • The sun is no fun without rain: Physical environments affect how we feel about yellow across 55 countries 

    Jonauskaite, Domicele; Abdel-Khalek, Ahmed; Al-Rasheed, Abdulrahman-Saud; Antonietti, Jean-Philippe; Abu-Akel, Ahmad; Vargas-Soto, Verónica (ElsevierEstados Unidos, 2019)
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    Across cultures, people associate colours with emotions. Here, we test the hypothesis that one driver of this cross-modal correspondence is the physical environment we live in. We focus on a prime example – the association ...
  • Adaptaciones informales y nociones: de lo público frente a la densificación urbana 

    Dreifuss-Serrano, Cristina; Maqueira-Yamasaki, Ángeles (Pontificia Universidad JaverianaColombia, 2019)
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    El estudio se centra en el impacto del crecimiento inmobiliario reciente en Lima, en el uso que se le da al espacio urbano, y cómo éste afecta las dinámicas sociales, la cohesión de vecindarios y la identidad de las personas ...

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