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    • Energy subsidies, public investment and endogenous growth 

      Mundaca-Elías, Gabriela (ElsevierReino Unido, 2017)
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      We consider impacts of fossil fuel subsidy reforms on economic growth, focusing mostly on the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) countries. The main empirical result is that a country that initially subsidizes its fossil ...
    • Forecasting inflation in Latin America with core measures 

      Pincheira-Brown, Pablo; Selaive, Jorge; Nolazco-Cama, José-Luis (Universidad Adolfo IbáñezChile, 2019)
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      We explore the ability of core inflation to predict headline CPI annual inflation for a sample of eight developing economies in Latin America over the period January 1995–May 2017. Our in-sample and out-of-sample results ...
    • Harvesting for food versus feed: a review of Peruvian fisheries in a global context 

      Fréon, Pierre; Sueiro, Juan-Carlos; Iriarte, Federico; Miro-Evar, Oscar-F.; Landa-Arroyo, Yuri-Jesús; Mittaine, Jean-Francois; Bouchon, Marilu (SpringerEstados Unidos, 2014)
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      Peru is the top exporter of fishmeal and fish oil (FMFO) worldwide and is responsible for half and a third of global production, respectively. Landings of ‘‘anchoveta’’ (Engraulis ringens) are used nearly exclusively for ...
    • History matters, but differently: Persisting and perpetuating effects on the likelihood of intimate partner violence 

      Hernández-Breña, Wilson-Virgilio; Durán-Fernández, Rosa-Luz (Taylor & FrancisEstados Unidos, 2019)
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      Ecological models of violence center on systems (micro, meso, and macro) surrounding personal history of violence, but few studies properly assess the effects of personal history on the likelihood of victimization. Using ...
    • Los recursos mineros en las cadenas globales de valor 

      Landa-Arroyo, Yuri-Jesús (Instituto de Investigaciones Economicas, UNAMMéxico, 2019)
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      Este trabajo identifica a nivel industria-país las cadenas de valor en el mundo que hace uso intensivo de minerales, señala además qué empresas las lideran, y qué países han escalado su posición a mayor valor agregado. Las ...
    • Renta extractiva y la minería del cobre en el Perú 

      Landa-Arroyo, Yuri-Jesús (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de MexicoMéxico, 2017)
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      En el marco de un enfoque de sostenibilidad débil, este documento evalúa si la renta generada por la minería del cobre se ha traducido en mejoras en infraestructura educativa, de salud y vial en las zonas extractoras del ...
    • Validation of a self-perceived media competence instrument for pre-service teachers 

      Mateus-Borea, Julio-César; Hernández-Breña, Wilson-Virgilio; Figueras-Maz, Monica (Taylor & FrancisReino Unido, 2019)
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      Key to guaranteeing the fundamental human rights of freedom of expression and information is the development of media competence, particularly in schools. Training teachers in the area of media competence is particularly ...
    • Violence With Femicide Risk: Its Effects on Women and Their Children 

      Hernández-Breña, Wilson-Virgilio (Sage JournalsEstados Unidos, 2018)
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      The objective of this study is to assess the effects that a specific type of severe violence—violence with femicide risk (VFR)—has on women’s physical and mental health, as well as the physical health of their children. I ...