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    • Comparison between solar distillers with and without solar concentrator 

      Saettone-Olschewski, Erich-Arturo; Valencia-Tovar, Yohan (Allerton Press, Inc.Estados Unidos, 2016)
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      In order to desalinate sea water by only solar energy using they were designed and built three distillers in which experimental measurements were taken to calculate production, performance and cost. Distillers by solar ...
    • Desalination using a parabolic-trough concentrator 

      Saettone-Olschewski, Erich-Arturo (Allerton Press Inc.Estados Unidos, 2012)
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      There are presented desalination results by using a parabolic-trough concentrator (PTC) device of 5.5 m2, 0.7 m of line focal distance and aligned in the East—West direction. The length of the PTC is 2.5 m and its rectangular ...
    • Design and construction of a fresnel linear distiller 

      Saettone-Olschewski, Erich-Arturo (Allerton Press, Inc.Estados Unidos, 2014)
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      It was designed a Fresnel linear distiller based on optical calculations obtained from taking into account Lima's latitude value, Earth inclination angle and heat absorber cavity's dimensions. The 5.6 m^sup 2^ reflective ...