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    • Recommendation in higher education using data mining techniques 

      Vialardi-Sacín, César; Braver, Javier; Shaftr, Leila; Ortigosa, Álvaro (Universidad de CordobaEspaña, 2009)
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      One of the main problems faced by university students is to take the right decision in relation to their academic itinerary based on available information (for example courses, schedules, sections, classrooms and professors). ...
    • Removal of Escherichia coli from Domestic Wastewater using Electrocoagulation 

      Aguilar-Ascón, Edwar (Polish Society of Ecological EngineeringPolonia, 2019)
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      The objective of this study was to evaluate the efficiency of electrocoagulation for the removal of Escherichia coli from domestic and urban wastewaters and to determine the effects of the main operational parameters on ...
    • Teología y vida. La producción americanista de Josep-Ignasi Saranyana (1984-2010) 

      Armas-Asín, Fernando (Universidad de NavarraEspaña, 2011)
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      El artículo analiza la obra escrita por el profesor Josep-Ignasi Saranyana, libros y artículos, que trata sobre la teología americana. se detiene en las temáticas más importantes que dichos textos abordan, su contribución ...
    • Vicissitudes of commercial trading: Castile and Flanders at the end of the fifteenth century (1474-94) 

      Flórez-Dávila, Gloria Cristina (SageIndia, 2003)
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      Since the thirteenth century, the kingdom of Castile has brought into being an important commercial development relating to wool (thanks to the well-known sea route Carrera a Flandes), connected the Cantab rian, Atlantic ...
    • Work, family, and honor understanding colonial slavery in Peru 

      Arrelucea-Barrantes, Maribel-Yolanda (Binghamton UniversityEstados Unidos, 2012)
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      Starting from the rich historiographical advance done in Peru, I suggest that the slavery modalities were not exclusively ruled by the geographic space (urban/country), but was also important in the massive minoring use ...