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    • A problem-oriented method for supporting AEH authors through data mining 

      Bravo, Javier; Vialardi-Sacín, César; Ortigosa, Álvaro (Universidad Técnica de Aachen, 2007)
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      One of the main problems with Adaptive Educational Hypermedia Systems (AEHS) is that is very difficult to test whether adaptation decisions are beneficial for all the students or some of them would benefit from a different ...
    • ASquare: A powerful evaluation tool for adaptive hypermedia course system 

      Bravo, Javier; Vialardi-Sacín, César; Ortigosa, Álvaro (ACM, 2008)
      Currently many methods and tools are being developed to support e-Learning courses. On the one hand, they are used to help students. On the other, a few applications are being developed to help course designers and ...
    • Improving AEH courses through log analysis 

      Vialardi-Sacín, César; Bravo, Javier; Ortigosa, Álvaro (Technische Universität Graz, 2008)
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      Authoring in adaptive educational hypermedia environment is complex activity. In order to promote a wider application of this technology, the teachers and course designers need specific methods and tools for supporting ...
    • Using decision trees for improving AEH courses 

      Bravo, Javier; Vialardi-Sacín, César; Ortigosa, Álvaro (Taylor & Francis, 2010)
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      Adaptive educational hypermedia systems (AEHS) seek to make easier the learning process for each student by providing each one (potentially) different educative contents, customized according to the student’s needs and ...