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    • Motivations and segmentation of the demand for coastal cities: A study in Lima, Peru 

      Carvache-Franco, Mauricio; Carvache-Franco, Orly; Carvache-Franco, Wilmer; Álvarez-Risco, Aldo; Estrada-Merino, Alfredo (WileyUS, 2020)
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      The purpose of this research is to identify the motivations and segmentation of demand in coastal cities. The present study was carried out in Lima, a tourist destination in the Peruvian Pacific Ocean coast. This quantitative ...
    • Multitasking behavior in online classrooms and academic performance: case of university students in Ecuador during COVID-19 outbreak 

      Álvarez-Risco, Aldo; Estrada-Merino, Alfredo; Anderson-Seminario, María-de-las-Mercedes; Mlodzianowska, Sabina; García-Ibarra, Verónica Janneth; Villagómez-Buele, César; Carvache-Franco, Mauricio (Emerald PublishingGB, 2020)
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      Purpose: This paper aims to explore university students' multitasking behavior in online classrooms and their influence on academic performance. Also, the study examined students' opinions. Design/methodology/approach: A ...
    • Perceived value and its influence on satisfaction and loyalty in a coastal city: a study from Lima, Peru 

      Carvache-Franco, Mauricio; Álvarez-Risco, Aldo; Carvache-Franco, Orly; Carvache-Franco, Wilmer; Estrada-Merino, Alfredo; Villalobos-Alvarez, Diego (RoutledgeGB, 2021)
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      The objectives of this study are: (i) to identify the dimensions that make up the construct of perceived value in a coastal city; and (ii) to establish which dimensions of perceived value influence the satisfaction and ...