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    • The correlation between cognitive styles and written corrective feedback preferences among Iranian and Turkish EFL learners 

      Kivi, Parivash Jamali; Hernández Vásquez, Ronald; Escalante Flores, Jorge Luis; Garay, Jessica Paola Palacios; Fuster Guillén, Doris (Birlesik Dunya Yenilik Arastirma ve Yayincilik Merkezi, 2021)
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      This study aimed at finding the correlation between Iranian and Turkish EFL learners’ cognitive styles and their preferences for different WCF types. Sixty out of seventy-five EFL students at the intermediate level in two ...
    • Impact of emotional style on academic goals in pandemic times 

      Garay, Jessica Paola Palacios; Escalante Flores, Jorge Luis; Chumacero Calle, Juan Carlos; Bautista, Inocenta Marivel Cavarjal; Perez Saavedra, Segundo; Nieto Gamboa, Jose (Sciedu Press, 2020)
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      The objective of the present study was to determine the incidence of university students’ emotional style on the dimensions of academic goals (academic goals, learning goals, achievement goals and social reinforcement ...
    • Personal factors associated with satisfaction with tutoring in engineering students 

      Garay, Jessica Paola Palacios; García, Ulises Córdova; Chumacero Calle, Juan Carlos; Duarez, Manuel Felipe Guevara; Miranda, Percy Samuel Yaber; Santana, Sofía Sairitupac; Escalante Flores, Jorge Luis; Fuster Guillén, Doris (Karadeniz Technical University, 2021)
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      The tutoring of university students is very relevant for the achievement of engineering learning and personal factors are associated with satisfaction, establishing that the knowledge of these factors makes it possible to ...