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    • Aula invertida: Uma mudança nos paradigmas no ensino superior 

      Gomes-Haensel-Schmitt, Valentina; Cequea, Mirza Marvel (IntercienciaCL, 2020)
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      O método da sala de aula invertida está começando a redefinir o paradigma da sala de aula. Ele combina o paradigma indutivo com o dedutivo; como tal, é uma metodologia híbrida indutiva/dedutiva emergente. As vantagens da ...
    • Consumption behavior and residential food waste during the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak in Brazil 

      Gomes-Haensel-Schmitt, Valentina; Cequea, Mirza Marvel; Vásquez-Neyra, Jessika-Milagros; Ferasso, Marcos (MDPICH, 2021)
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      The objective of this research was to look into the self-reported food consumption and wastage behavior in Brazil during the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak and the motivations to prevent this waste. The data were collected ...
    • Early evidence and predictors of mental distress of adults one month in the COVID-19 epidemic in Brazil 

      Zhang, Stephen X.; Wang, Yifei; Jahanshahi, Asghar Afshar; Gomes-Haensel-Schmitt, Valentina (ElsevierNL, 2021)
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      Objective: We aim to provide early evidence of mental distress and its associated predictors among adults one month into the COVID-19 crisis in Brazil. Methods: We conducted an online survey of 638 adults in Brazil on March ...