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    • A Comparison of Authentication Methods via Keystroke Dynamics 

      Lo, Aron; Ayma Quirita, Victor Hugo; Gutiérrez Cárdenas, Juan Manuel (IEEE, 2020)
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      Authentication systems based on keystroke dynamics analyze the typical typing pattern of a user when interacting with an input device, such as the keyboard of a computer. In the literature, three major approaches on keystroke ...
    • Are information systems and computer science overlapping more and more? 

      Gutiérrez Cárdenas, Juan Manuel (ACM Association for Computing Machinery, 2020)
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      In this research, we posit the importance of including Computer Science topics in undergraduate Information Systems courses. A review of the existing literature has mentioned the importance of learning some Computer Science ...
    • Automated classification system of giant white corn using image processing and supervised techniques 

      Gonzales, Gabriela; Gutiérrez Cárdenas, Juan Manuel (International Society for Computers and Their Applications, 2018)
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      Nowadays, the use of artificial vision for classification in agricultural products has proven to have a great impact on this field. The exportation of agricultural goods has risen all over the world, consequently, that is ...
    • Comparison of Classifiers Models for Prediction of Intimate Partner Violence 

      Guerrero, Ashly; Gutiérrez Cárdenas, Juan Manuel; Romero Romero, Vilma Susana; Ayma Quirita, Victor Hugo (Springer, 2021)
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      Intimate partner violence (IPV) is a problem that has been studied by different researchers to determine the factors that influence its occurrence, as well as to predict it. In Peru, 68.2% of women have been victims of ...
    • Content-Based Learning Object Recommendation System Using a User Profile Ontology for High School Students 

      Morillo Palacios, Bruna; Gutiérrez Cárdenas, Juan Manuel (Springer, 2021)
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      The lack of quality of education in Peruvian schools has caused young people to look for other ways to obtain information, of which the web stands out. However, this tool is made up of billions of web pages, which affects ...
    • Dimensionality reduction via an orthogonal autoencoder approach for hyperspectral image classification 

      Ayma Quirita, Victor Hugo; Ayma, V. A.; Gutiérrez Cárdenas, Juan Manuel (The International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, 2020)
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      Nowadays, the increasing amount of information provided by hyperspectral sensors requires optimal solutions to ease the subsequent analysis of the produced data. A common issue in this matter relates to the hyperspectral ...
    • Experiences in using a multiparadigm and multiprogramming approach to teach an information systems course on introduction to programming 

      Gutiérrez Cárdenas, Juan Manuel (Information Systems and Computing Academic Professionals, 2020)
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      In the current literature, there is limited evidence of the effects of teaching programming languages using two different paradigms concurrently. In this paper, we present our experience in using a multiparadigm and ...
    • Filogenia de malware orientada al análisis de librerías 

      Gutiérrez Cárdenas, Juan Manuel (Universidad de Lima, 2016)
      En el campo de la biología computacional se emplea la filogenia con el objetivo de reconocer la semejanza existente entre diversas especies, así como el motor de evolución que ha permitido que estas muestren modificaciones ...
    • Guía para el diseño de un plan estratégico de marketing para el incremento de profesionales mujeres en las tecnologías de información 

      Rodríguez Rodríguez, Nadia Katherine; Gutiérrez Cárdenas, Juan Manuel (Universidad de Lima, 2017)
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      El presente trabajo busca mostrar la situación de una carrera de pregrado relacionada con las tecnologías de la información y el bajo número de mujeres entre su alumnado; en contraste con las grandes oportunidades laborales ...
    • Heurísticas aplicables a testeos de mutación 

      Gutiérrez Cárdenas, Juan Manuel; Quintana Cruz, Hernán Alejandro (Universidad de Lima, Instituto de Investigación Científica, 2018)
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      En la especialidad de Ingeniería de Software existe un campo de estudio denominado de pruebas o testing, el cual permite determinar si un software no presenta errores o bugs que lleven al funcionamiento no deseado ...
    • Heuristics Applied to Mutation Testing in an Impure Functional Programming Language 

      Gutiérrez Cárdenas, Juan Manuel; Quintana Cruz, Hernán Alejandro; Mego Fernandez, Diego; Diaz Baskakov, Serguei (Science and Information Organization, 2019)
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      The task of elaborating accurate test suites for program testing can be an extensive computational work. Mutation testing is not immune to the problem of being a computational and time-consuming task so that it has found ...
    • Information and communication technologies based teaching methodologies for Peruvian children with down syndrome 

      Villasante Trujillo, Josué Alberto; Poma Beltrán, Stefanny Greys; Gutiérrez Cárdenas, Juan Manuel; Rodríguez Rodríguez, Nadia Katherine (Association for Computing Machinery, 2019)
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      Learning disabilities are found in people that experience difficulties in the acquisition of basic intellectual skills, which are fundamental to succeeding at school, work or in life in general. An example of a learning ...
    • Matching System for Animal-Assisted Therapy Based on the Levenshtein and Gale-Shapley Algorithms 

      Gutiérrez Rondón, Giuliana; Gutiérrez Cárdenas, Juan Manuel (Springer, 2021)
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      This current research is based on the implementation of an algorithm that assigns pets, cats, or dogs to persons with depressive disorders such as low self-esteem. We found that even though different institutions have made ...
    • One-class models for validation of miRNAs and ERBB2 gene interactions based on sequence features for breast cancer scenarios 

      Gutiérrez Cárdenas, Juan Manuel; Wan, Zenghui (Korean Institute of Communication Sciences, 2021)
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      One challenge in miRNA–genes–diseases interaction studies is that it is challenging to find labeled data that indicate a positive or negative relationship between miRNA and genes. The use of one-class classification methods ...
    • Proofs of the undecidability of stegananalysis techniques 

      Gutiérrez Cárdenas, Juan Manuel (Springer, 2020)
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      Steganalysis comprises a set of techniques that strive to find concealed information within diverse types of digital media. On the contrary, Steganography involves a group of methods that, by manipulation of a cover object, ...
    • Research gradualness matrix for undergraduate students in computing related careers 

      Gutiérrez Cárdenas, Juan Manuel; Rodríguez Rodríguez, Nadia Katherine (IEEE, 2019)
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      A drawback in the academic formation of some undergraduate students in computing related careers is the lack of preparation for improving their research skills. In the following article, we ought to know if the gradual ...
    • SCUT sampling and classification algorithms to identify levels of child malnutrition 

      Baraybar Huambo, Juan; Gutiérrez Cárdenas, Juan Manuel (Springer, 2020)
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      Child malnutrition results in millions of deaths every year. This condition is a potential problem in Peruvian society, especially in the rural parts of the country. The consequences of malnutrition range from physical ...
    • Steganography and Data Loss Prevention: An overlooked risk? 

      Gutiérrez Cárdenas, Juan Manuel (Science and Engineering Research Support Society, 2017)
      Steganography is the art or science of hiding information into a carrier in such a way that the hidden data could not be detected at first sight. Steganography techniques have broadened their scope of action, from hiding ...
    • Steganography Application Using Combination of Movements in a 2D Video Game Platform 

      Mandujano, Ricardo; Gutiérrez Cárdenas, Juan Manuel; Sotelo Monge, Marco Antonio (Springer, 2021)
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      Steganography represents the art of hiding information within a harmless medium such as digital images, video, audio, etc. Its purpose is to embed and transmit a message without raising suspicion to a third party or attacker ...
    • Virtual Reality Application to Teach Dangerous Over Exposure to UV Radiation 

      Vargas Solís, Edgard; Cárdenas Salas, Daniel Enrique; Gutiérrez Cárdenas, Juan Manuel; Romero Romero, Vilma Susana (Springer, 2021)
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      The high levels of ultraviolet (UV) radiation in Peru constitute a risk for the population, that does not give it the importance that it should and does not take adequate measures to protect against it and to prevent skin ...