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    • Artisanal ceramic factories using wood combustion: A nanoparticles and human health study 

      Martinello, Kátia; Hower, J. C.; Pinto, Diana C.; Schnorr, Carlos E.; Dotto, G. L.; Oliveira-Silva, Marcos-Leandro; Ramos, Claudete Gindri (ElsevierNL, 2021)
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      The ceramics industry, resulting from developments of modern compounds, is a segment of great influence in worldwide sustainability. Artisanal ceramic factories based on wood combustion have significant risks for the ...
    • Metal-enriched nanoparticles and black carbon: A perspective from the Brazil railway system air pollution 

      Lima, Bianca D.; Teixeira, Elba Calesso; Hower, J. C.; Civeira, Matheus S.; Ramírez, Omar; Yang, Chengxue; Oliveira-Silva, Marcos-Leandro; Oliveira-Silva, Luis-Felipe (ElsevierNL, 2021)
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      Having a better understanding of air pollutants in railway systems is crucial to ensure a clean public transport. This study measured, for the first time in Brazil, nanoparticles (NPs) and black carbon (BC) on two ground-level ...