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    • Artisanal ceramic factories using wood combustion: A nanoparticles and human health study 

      Martinello, Kátia; Hower, J. C.; Pinto, Diana C.; Schnorr, Carlos E.; Dotto, G. L.; Silva Oliveira, Marcos Leandro; Ramos, Claudete Gindri (Elsevier, 2022)
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      The ceramics industry, resulting from developments of modern compounds, is a segment of great influence in worldwide sustainability. Artisanal ceramic factories based on wood combustion have significant risks for the ...
    • Metal-enriched nanoparticles and black carbon: A perspective from the Brazil railway system air pollution 

      Lima, Bianca D.; Teixeira, Elba Calesso; Hower, J. C.; Civeira, Matheus S.; Ramírez, Omar; Yang, Chengxue; Silva Oliveira, Marcos Leandro; Silva Oliveira, Luis Felipe (Elsevier, 2021)
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      Having a better understanding of air pollutants in railway systems is crucial to ensure a clean public transport. This study measured, for the first time in Brazil, nanoparticles (NPs) and black carbon (BC) on two ground-level ...
    • Possibilities of using silicate rock powder: An overview 

      Ramos, Claudete Gindri; Hower, J. C.; Blanco, Érika P.; Silva Oliveira, Marcos Leandro; Theodoro, Suzi Huff (Elsevier, 2022)
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      This study evaluates the on use of crushed rocks (remineralizers) to increase soil fertility levels and which contributed to increase agricultural productivity, recovery of degraded areas, decontamination of water, and ...
    • Sustainable Release of Macronutrients to Black Oat and Maize Crops from Organically-Altered Dacite Rock Powder 

      Ramos, Claudete Gindri; Dalmora, Adilson Celimar; Kautzmann, Rubens Müller; Hower, J. C.; Dotto, G. L.; Silva Oliveira, Luis Felipe (Springer, 2021)
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      By-products from the dairy industry and mining activities represent a great environmental overload, which justify research for value-added reuse of these by-products (dairy sludge and dacite rock powder). Dairy sludge is ...