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    • Acute exposure to C60 fullerene damages pulmonary mitochondrial function and mechanics 

      Caldeira, Dayene De Assis Fernandes; Mesquita, Flvia Muniz; Pinheiro, Felipe Gomes; Oliveira, Dahienne Ferreira; Silva-Oliveira, Luis-Felipe; Nascimento, José Hamilton Matheus Do; Takiya, Christina Maeda; Maciel, Leonardo; Zin, Walter Araújo (Taylor & FrancisGB, 2020)
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      C60 fullerene (C60) nanoparticles, a nanomaterial widely used in technology, can offer risks to humans, overcome biological barriers, and deposit onto the lungs. However, data on its putative pulmonary burden are scanty. ...
    • Multiple relationships between aerosol and COVID-19: A framework for global studies 

      Cao, Yaxin; Shao, LongYi; Jones, Tim Peter; Silva-Oliveira, Marcos-Leandro; Ge, Shuoyi; Feng, Xiaolei; Silva-Oliveira, Luis-Felipe; Bérubé, Kelly Ann (ElsevierNL, 2021)
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      COVID-19 (Corona Virus Disease 2019) is a severe respiratory syndrome currently causing a human global pandemic. The original virus, along with newer variants, is highly transmissible. Aerosols are a multiphase system ...
    • Nanoparticles in fossil and mineral fuel sectors and their impact on environment and human health: A review and perspective 

      Silva-Oliveira, Luis-Felipe; Santosh, M.; Schindler, Michael; Gasparotto, Juciano; Dotto, G. L.; Silva-Oliveira, Marcos-Leandro; Hochella, Michael F.Jr (ElsevierNL, 2021)
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      Nanoscience and technology have enabled better insights into the environmental and health impacts arising from the mining, production and use of fossil and mineral fuels. Here we provide an overview of the nanoscience-based ...