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    • Benchmark-Based Reference Model for Evaluating Botnet Detection Tools Driven by Traffic-Flow Analytics 

      Huancayo-Ramos, Katherinne-Shirley; Sotelo-Monge, Marco-Antonio; Maestre-Vidal, Jorge (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI)Suiza, 2020)
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      Botnets are some of the most recurrent cyber-threats, which take advantage of the wide heterogeneity of endpoint devices at the Edge of the emerging communication environments for enabling the malicious enforcement of fraud ...
    • Detección de intrusiones basada en modelado de red resistente a evasión por técnicas de imitación 

      Maestre-Vidal, Jorge; Sotelo-Monge, Marco-Antonio (Universidad de LimaPerú, 2020)
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      Los sistemas de red emergentes han traído consigo nuevas amenazas que han sofisticado sus modos de operación con el fin de pasar inadvertidos por los sistemas de seguridad, lo que ha motivado el desarrollo de sistemas ...
    • EsPADA: Enhanced Payload Analyzer for malware Detection robust against Adversarial threats 

      Maestre-Vidal, Jorge; Sotelo-Monge, Marco-Antonio; Martínez-Monterrubio, Sergio-Mauricio (ElsevierHolanda, 2020)
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      The emergent communication technologies landscape has consolidated the anomaly-based intrusion detection paradigm as one of the most prominent solutions able to discover unprecedented malicious traits. It relied on building ...
    • Obfuscation of Malicious Behaviors for Thwarting Masquerade Detection Systems Based on Locality Features 

      Maestre-Vidal, Jorge; Sotelo-Monge, Marco-Antonio (NLM (Medline)Suiza, 2020)
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      In recent years, dynamic user verification has become one of the basic pillars for insider threat detection. From these threats, the research presented in this paper focuses on masquerader attacks, a category of insiders ...
    • Profits at the dawn of cybercrime-as-a-service 

      Maestre-Vidal, Jorge; Sotelo-Monge, Marco-Antonio; Martínez-Monterrubio, Sergio-Mauricio; Barona-López, Lorena-Isabel; Valdivieso- Caraguay, Ángel-Leonardo (IEEEEstados Unidos, 2019)
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      The growing of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) that has been experienced in recent years, has led to new and more sophisticated ways of doing business. Consequently, worldwide organized criminal groups ...
    • Steganography Application Using Combination of Movements in a 2D Video Game Platform 

      Mandujano, Ricardo; Gutiérrez-Cárdenas, Juan-Manuel; Sotelo-Monge, Marco-Antonio (SpringerCH, 2021)
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      Steganography represents the art of hiding information within a harmless medium such as digital images, video, audio, etc. Its purpose is to embed and transmit a message without raising suspicion to a third party or attacker ...