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    • A Comparison of Authentication Methods via Keystroke Dynamics 

      Lo, Aron; Ayma-Quirita, Victor-Hugo; Gutiérrez-Cárdenas, Juan-Manuel (IEEEUS, 2020)
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      Authentication systems based on keystroke dynamics analyze the typical typing pattern of a user when interacting with an input device, such as the keyboard of a computer. In the literature, three major approaches on keystroke ...
    • The digital transformation triangle. A framework to set the foundations for a successful digital journey 

      Bazán-Martínez, Jon; Tucto-Mechán, Lissette (Universidad de LimaPE, 2019)
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      The objective of the research is to analyze the most common barriers to a successful digital transformation. The research is based on case studies and industry papers to find the top barriers to a successful digital ...
    • Gender gap in IT in Latin America 

      Guzman, Indira R. Indira R.; Berardi, Rita Cristina Galarraga; Tapia, Patricia Cabero; Rodríguez-Rodríguez, Nadia-Katherine; MacIel, Cristiano; Marín-Raventós, Gabriela; Rodriguez, Michelle (26th Americas Conference on Information Systems, AMCIS 2020.US, 2020)
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      The underrepresentation of women in IT related majors such as computer science, computer engineering, and information systems (IS) has been evident all over the world. As a result, many private and public institutions have ...