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    • Applying pair programming practice in the improvement of software design skills, in an undergraduate course 

      Quintana Cruz, Hernán Alejandro; Grados Licham, Billy (Association for Computing Machinery, 2020)
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      Teaching design patterns has proved to be a complicated topic in software engineering courses. Practitioners require mastering this technique in order to develop higher-quality programs. As part of the experiment, we ...
    • A life cycle for creating an uncomplicated software 

      Dorin, Michael; Montenegro, Sergio (Universidad de Lima, 2019)
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      Modern software development life cycle models tend to be less formal and less rigid then Waterfall based models of the past. However, creating software without following even the most basic of plans often results in ...
    • Systematic mapping of the literature on Secure Software Development 

      Nina Hanco, Hernán; Pow Sang, Jose Antonio; Villavicencio, Monica (IEEE, 2021)
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      The accelerated growth in exploiting vulnerabilities due to errors or failures in the software development process is a latent concern in the Software Industry. In this sense, this study aims to provide an overview of the ...