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    • Portable point-of-use photoelectrocatalytic device provides rapid water disinfection 

      Montenegro-Ayo, Renato; Barrios, Ana Cecilia; Mondal, Indrayudh; Bhagat, Kartik; Morales-Gomero, Juan-Carlos; Abbaszadegan, Morteza A.; Westerhoff, Paul K.; Perreault, François; Garcia-Segura, Sergi (ElsevierPaíses Bajos, 2020)
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      Portable water purification devices are needed to provide safe drinking water in rural communities, developing communities with low quality centralized water distribution, and military or recreational applications. Filtration, ...
    • Scaling up photoelectrocatalytic reactors: A TiO2 nanotube-coated disc compound reactor effectively degrades acetaminophen 

      Montenegro-Ayo, Renato; Morales-Gomero, Juan-Carlos; Alarcón, Hugo; Cotillas, Salvador; Westerhoff, Paul K.; Garcia-Segura, Sergi (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing InstituteSuiza, 2019)
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      Multiple discs coated with hierarchically-organized TiO2 anatase nanotubes served as photoelectrodes in a novel annular photoelectrocatalytic reactor. Electrochemical characterization showed light irradiation enhanced the ...