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    • Measurement and analysis of air quality in temporary shelters on three continents 

      Albadra, Dima; Kuchai, N.; Acevedo-de-los-Ríos, Alejandra; Rondinel-Oviedo, Daniel-Ricardo; Coley, David Alexander; Da Silva, Carla Florbela F.P.; Rana, Chetas; Mower, K.; Dengel, Andy C.; Maskell, Dan; Ball, R. J. (ElsevierGB, 2020)
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      Millions of displaced people are housed in shelters that generally consist of a single room, meaning that activities including cooking, sleeping and socializing all take place in the same space. Therefore, indoor air quality ...
    • Refugio para poblaciones vulnerables víctimas de violencia en relación al género 

      Pizarro-Velasquez, Diego (Universidad de LimaPerú, 2020)
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      Gender-based violence, so often tolerated and legitimized within society, has historically taken various forms across a range of spheres and fields. Hence, in an attempt to mitigate and even eradicate this issue, a number ...