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    • A problem-oriented method for supporting AEH authors through data mining 

      Bravo, Javier; Vialardi-Sacín, César; Ortigosa, Álvaro (Universidad Técnica de AachenAlemania, 2007)
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      One of the main problems with Adaptive Educational Hypermedia Systems (AEHS) is that is very difficult to test whether adaptation decisions are beneficial for all the students or some of them would benefit from a different ...
    • Applying pair programming practice in the improvement of software design skills, in an undergraduate course 

      Quintana-Cruz, Hernán-Alejandro; Grados-Licham, Billy (Association for Computing MachineryEstados Unidos, 2020)
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      Teaching design patterns has proved to be a complicated topic in software engineering courses. Practitioners require mastering this technique in order to develop higher-quality programs. As part of the experiment, we ...
    • ASquare: A powerful evaluation tool for adaptive hypermedia course system 

      Bravo, Javier; Vialardi-Sacín, César; Ortigosa, Álvaro (ACMEstados Unidos, 2008)
      Currently many methods and tools are being developed to support e-Learning courses. On the one hand, they are used to help students. On the other, a few applications are being developed to help course designers and ...
    • Automated classification system of giant white corn using image processing and supervised techniques 

      Gonzales, Gabriela; Gutiérrez-Cárdenas, Juan-Manuel (International Society for Computers and Their ApplicationsEstados Unidos, 2018)
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      Nowadays, the use of artificial vision for classification in agricultural products has proven to have a great impact on this field. The exportation of agricultural goods has risen all over the world, consequently, that is ...
    • A Case Study: Data Mining Applied to Student Enrollment 

      Vialardi-Sacín, César; Chue-Gallardo, Jorge; Barrientos-Padilla, Alfredo; Victoria, Daniel; Estrella, Jhonny; Peche, Juan-Pablo; Ortigosa, Álvaro (Educational Data MiningEstados Unidos, 2010)
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      One of the main problems faced by university students is deciding the right learning path based on available information such as courses, schedules and professors. In this context, this paper presents a recommender system ...
    • Classification and assessment of construction materials for a preliminary evaluation of environmental impacts in Lima, Peru 

      Rondinel-Oviedo, Daniel-Ricardo; Schreier-Barreto, Christopher (IEEEEstados Unidos, 2019)
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      The environmental impacts due to the construction materials are measured through life cycle assessment programs at an additional cost for construction companies, which means that these impacts are often disregarded. A ...
    • Database methodology for therapy evaluation in auditory schizophrenia disorder based on continuity evolution of symptoms 

      Mugruza-Vassallo, Carlos (IEEEEstados Unidos, 2016)
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      In the context of a medication or therapy course, an intriguing question may arise after a few therapies: Should the treatment or therapy be continued? Even after several instances of therapy, there are not clear measures ...
    • Development of a Fuzzy Logic-Based Solar Charge Controller for Charging Lead–Acid Batteries 

      Paredes-Larroca, Fabricio-Humberto; Saettone-Olschewski, Erich-Arturo; Quino-Favero, Javier; Rosales-Huamaní, Jimmy; Castillo-Sequera, José-Luis (SpringerSuiza, 2020)
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      The design and implementation of a solar charge controller for lead–acid batteries is intended to supplement a component of the water purification module of the water treatment unit for natural disaster relief. This unit ...
    • Diagnostic of habitability of emergency temporary housing in Peru 

      Rondinel-Oviedo, Daniel-Ricardo; Acevedo-de-los-Ríos, Alejandra; Wendorff-Esteves, Sebastian; Albadra, Dima; Paszkiewicz, Natalia (IEEEEstados Unidos, 2019)
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      In Peru, emergency temporary housing (ETH) is currently facing environmental, social, and economic problems. From an environmental perspective, no studies have explored the habitability and internal comfort of these units ...
    • Different regressors for linear modelling of Electroencephalographic recordings in visual and auditory tasks 

      Mugruza-Vassallo, Carlos (IEEEEstados Unidos, 2016)
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      The use of hierarchical linear modelling has been increasing in the last 5 years to analyze EEG data. Until now, no clear comparison on linear modelling in different modalities has been done. Therefore, specific differences ...
    • Identificación del sentimiento expresado usando redes sociales en un contexto político 

      Bohorquez-Lopez, Victor-Wilfredo; Méndez-Lazarte, Christiam-Ismael; Altube, Lucas; Santana, Enmanuel (Americas Conference on Information SystemsEstados Unidos, 2019)
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      Este estudio pretende proponer una solución al problema de identificar el sentimiento de comentarios en español, debido a las variaciones idiomáticas existentes en los diversos países Latinoamericanos, plasmados en redes ...
    • Information and communication technologies based teaching methodologies for Peruvian children with down syndrome 

      Villasante, Josué; Poma, Stefanny; Gutiérrez-Cárdenas, Juan-Manuel; Rodríguez-Rodríguez, Nadia-Katherine (Association for Computing MachineryPaíses Bajos, 2019)
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      Learning disabilities are found in people that experience difficulties in the acquisition of basic intellectual skills, which are fundamental to succeeding at school, work or in life in general. An example of a learning ...
    • Integral and transformative engineering coursework in formative research for undergraduate curricula 

      Mugruza-Vassallo, Carlos (IEEEEstados Unidos, 2016)
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      At several private Peruvian universities, formative research was not included in the curricula design. Here the problem to solve was the small number of undergraduate dissertations in Engineering. First, the coursework ...
    • Latin American universities and digital craft: reaching out to regional development 

      Herrera, Pablo; Dreifuss-Serrano, Cristina; Casiano-Arroyo, Manuel (IEEEEstados Unidos, 2019)
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      This research identifies and analyzes the interaction between universities and craft experiences, with communities in different cities and towns in Latin America. These interactions use as link two technologies: digital ...
    • Missed signals in the congruency between visual distracting cues and auditory goals 

      Córdova-Berríos, Luz; Mugruza-Vassallo, Carlos; Flores-Benites, Víctor (ACM Association for Computing MachineryEstados Unidos, 2018)
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      Previously, auditory-visual paradigms have been studied when the person is reading a text and receives a distractive sound stimulus. In this study, attention to sound stimulus is evaluated while receiving distractive visual ...
    • Nanostructured Sensors for Determination of 3-(3,4-Dichlorophenyl)-1,1-Dimethylurea Based in Molecularly Imprinted Polymers (MIPs) Deposited in Screen Printed Carbon Nanotubes 

      Fernández-Cori, R.; Morales-Gomero, Juan-Carlos; Huayhuas-Chipana, B.; Taboada-Sotomayor, M.; Ruíz-Montoya, J. (The Electrochemical SocietyEstados Unidos, 2015)
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      A sensor based on molecularly imprinted polymers (MIP) was developed for determination of 3-(3,4-Dichlorophenyl)-1,1- dimethylurea (diuron). The MIP were synthesized by free radical polymerization in wich diuron acted ...
    • Profiles of academic goals in engineering students at private universities in Peru 

      Machuca-de-Pina, Juan-Manuel; Chong, Mario (IEEEEstados Unidos, 2019)
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      Motivation is a complex construct related to performance, persistence, effort and the development of strategies for academic achievement in undergraduate university students. The characteristics of the engineering student ...
    • Profits at the dawn of cybercrime-as-a-service 

      Maestre-Vidal, Jorge; Sotelo-Monge, Marco-Antonio; Martínez-Monterrubio, Sergio-Mauricio; Barona-López, Lorena-Isabel; Valdivieso- Caraguay, Ángel-Leonardo (IEEEEstados Unidos, 2019)
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      The growing of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) that has been experienced in recent years, has led to new and more sophisticated ways of doing business. Consequently, worldwide organized criminal groups ...
    • Recommendation in higher education using data mining techniques 

      Vialardi-Sacín, César; Braver, Javier; Shaftr, Leila; Ortigosa, Álvaro (Universidad de CordobaEspaña, 2009)
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      One of the main problems faced by university students is to take the right decision in relation to their academic itinerary based on available information (for example courses, schedules, sections, classrooms and professors). ...
    • Research gradualness matrix for undergraduate students in computing related careers 

      Gutiérrez-Cárdenas, Juan-Manuel; Rodríguez-Rodríguez, Nadia-Katherine (IEEEEstados Unidos, 2019)
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      A drawback in the academic formation of some undergraduate students in computing related careers is the lack of preparation for improving their research skills. In the following article, we ought to know if the gradual ...