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    • Additive and synergistic perceived risk of crime: A multilevel longitudinal study in Peru 

      Hernández-Breña, Wilson-Virgilio (Taylor and Francis.Reino Unido, 2017)
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      In Criminology, fear of crime has been by and large a more common object of study than perceived risk of crime. Both concepts seem to be highly related. After all, they share theories (LaGrange, Ferraro, and Supanic 1992), ...
    • Against the current: Striving for ethical ecotourism 

      Nowaczek, Agnes M.K.; Moran-Cahusac, Cesar-Augusto; Fennell, David A. (Taylor and FrancisUS, 2007)
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      Ironically, nature as the main component of ecotourism, its reliance and benefits, is often compromised. The richest and most sensitive pristine areas are generally located in distantand difficult to reach world regions ...
    • Better students, better companies: connected learning methodology 

      Anderson-Seminario, María-de-las-Mercedes (Palgrave MacmillanSuiza, 2019)
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      This chapter aims to demonstrate the importance of experiential learning and how the process of transmitting classroom content through this method allows students to participate in the transformation and improvement of ...
    • Citizens’ media in latin america 

      Rodríguez, Clemencia; Alfaro-Moreno, Rosa-María; Montaña, E. C. (Taylor and FrancisReino Unido, 2019)
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      There are several reasons that explain why community and citizens’ media are so widespread and popular in Latin America. This chapter offers a series of short vignettes set in Colombia that describe the intricate processes ...
    • Fostering Social Change in Peru Through Communication: The Case of the Manuani Miners Association 

      Sanguinetti-Cordero, Sol (Springer Nature.Singapur, 2020)
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      Much has been done to formalize miners in Peru; since its inception in 2006 the Ministry of Environment passed laws to align mining policies with international standards. However, the combination of the necessity to have ...
    • Methodology for selection of sustainability criteria: A case of social housing in Peru 

      Rondinel-Oviedo, Daniel-Ricardo; Schreier-Barreto, Christopher (Palgrave Macmillan, ChamGB, 2018)
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      In Peru, the appearance of the MiVivienda Sostenible Bonus has brought to light the concern for sustainability in social housing, and this issue should be understood with a perspective of the satisfaction of the users’ ...
    • Perú 

      Cano-Pacheco, Jannet (Edward Elgar PublishingReino Unido, 2003)
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    • Perú 

      Torres-Morales, Carlos (SpringerEstados Unidos, 2013)
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      In Peru, there were clear signs of what can be considered the origins of our current cooperative organizations. The most important precedent found in Peru was the presence of pre-inca institutions strongly rooted in the ...
    • Sustainable development goals in hospitality management 

      Álvarez-Risco, Aldo; Estrada-Merino, Alfredo; Pérez-Luyo, Ricardo (Emerald PublishingGB, 2020)
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      Efforts to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals are increasingly part of tourism business planning, forming part of their business policies, linking with society and generating a sustainable hotel offer. The ...
    • The impact of mfinance initiatives in the global south: a review of the literature 

      Chib, Arul; León-Kanashiro, Laura-Raquel; Rahim, Fouziah (SpringerEstados Unidos, 2015)
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      After more than two decades of research on technological interventions in the transition to information societies, the burgeoning of mobile phones in developing countries has shifted the information and communication ...
    • Thinking about my toddler: Can a psychoanalytic toddler group enhance reflective functioning capacities in parents? 

      Asquith, Kay; Prützel-Thomas, Anna; Camino-Rivera, Carolina (RoutledgeReino Unido, 2013)
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    • The United States and Peru in the 2000s 

      McClintock, C.; Vallas-Trujillo, Fabián (RoutledgePerú, 2010)
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    • Using decision trees for improving AEH courses 

      Bravo, Javier; Vialardi-Sacín, César; Ortigosa, Álvaro (Taylor & FrancisEstados Unidos, 2010)
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      Adaptive educational hypermedia systems (AEHS) seek to make easier the learning process for each student by providing each one (potentially) different educative contents, customized according to the student’s needs and ...