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    • Blockchain-Based System to Ensure the Integrity of Used Vehicle Purchase Transactions: Under Researchers’ Perspective 

      Sayán Barreto, José Leonardo; Beuzeville Espinoza, Rodrigo Arturo; Dávila Calle, Guillermo Antonio (Springer, 2022)
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      Through the increase in vehicle sales transactions globally, new ways are being created to change the current model of vehicle ownership transfer systems. The integrity of the data in this type of operation must be the ...
    • Artificial Intelligence Applied to the Control and Monitoring of Construction Site Personnel 

      Del Savio, Alexandre Almeida; Luna Torres, Ana Felícita; Cárdenas Salas, Daniel Enrique; Vergara Olivera, Mónica Alejandra; Urday Ibarra, Gianella Tania (Springer, 2023)
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      Many countries are working towards gradually lifting restrictions generated by the COVID-19 virus as post-quarantine measures. The construction industry has had to adapt to new forms of work with economic and physical ...
    • AI ethics for earth sciences 

      Rivas, Pablo; Thompson, Christopher; Tafur Acenjo, Brenda Xiomara; Khanal, Bikram; Ayoade, Olawale; Jui, Tonni Das; Sooksatra, Korn; Orduz, Javier; Bejarano, Gissella (Elsevier, 2023)
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      Following standards for artificial intelligence (AI) ethics and best practices can ensure that researchers and practitioners share better insights across subdisciplines. In the Earth sciences, the practice of responsible ...
    • Development of Digital Capabilities in Small Business: A Necessary Condition Analysis 

      Dávila Calle, Guillermo Antonio; Sayan Barreto, José Leonardo; Guillén Rivera, Franchessca Angélica; Bianchi, Isaías; North, Klaus (Springer, 2023)
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      Digital transformation is a relevant topic in business, particularly for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). As technology continues to evolve, it becomes increasingly important for SMEs to develop their digital ...
    • Implementation of a Serious Game to Develop Computational Thinking Skills 

      Chávarry Gutiérrez, Sebastián Alexander; Dávila Calle, Guillermo Antonio; Quintana, Hernán (Springer, 2023)
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      Computational thinking is a set of skills that allows solving problems abstractly and systematically. Due to the exponential advance of technology, different schools seek to foster it in younger students. The objective of ...