Recent Submissions

  • Artificial Intelligence Applied to the Control and Monitoring of Construction Site Personnel 

    Del Savio, Alexandre Almeida; Luna Torres, Ana Felícita; Cárdenas Salas, Daniel Enrique; Vergara Olivera, Mónica Alejandra; Urday Ibarra, Gianella Tania (Springer, 2023)
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    Many countries are working towards gradually lifting restrictions generated by the COVID-19 virus as post-quarantine measures. The construction industry has had to adapt to new forms of work with economic and physical ...
  • Finite Element Model for End-Plate Beam-to-Column Connections Under Bending and Axial Forces 

    Diaz Velazco, Israel Alan Leon Aurelio; Del Savio, Alexandre Almeida (Springer, 2023)
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    The assessment of steel beam-to-column connections is a fundamental piece in the design process of steel structures according to the guidelines established by standards such as Eurocode 3—Part 1.8 and ANSI/AISC 358-16. In ...
  • Influence of Soil-Pile-Structure Interaction on Seismic Response of Reinforced Concrete Buildings 

    Madrid Argomedo, Manuel Ricardo; Zegarra Alvarado, Juan David; Perez Luna, Pablo Alfonso; Roncal, Miguel (Springer, 2023)
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    It is well known that Peru is located in one of the most active seismic zones in the world and seismic design is a primary concern. Building constructions has increased in Peru during the last few years, especially on the ...
  • Experimental Research on the Influence of Polypropylene Macrofiber Thickness in Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Mechanical Strengths 

    Del Savio, Alexandre Almeida; La Torre Esquivel, Darwin; Gamboa Buendia, Bruno; Zuñiga Mejia, Jennifer Josabeth (Springer, 2023)
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    Herein, the effects of polypropylene fiber thickness on the compressive strength, split tensile strength, and flexural strength or modulus of rupture of polypropylene fiber reinforced concrete (PPFRC) were investigated. ...
  • Use of Residues from the Metallurgical Industry in Construction 

    Power Porto, George Felix (Springer, 2023)
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    The metallurgical industry produces a large amount of residues and wastes that can be successfully applied in building and construction. Key sectors, like iron and steel, aluminium, copper, zinc, lead, silicon and ferrosilicon, ...
  • Validation of a Hemi-Variational Block-Based Approach to the Modelling of Common In-plane Failures in Masonry Structures 

    Torres Espino, José Manuel; Espinoza Sandoval, Jaime Heman; Tran, Chuong Anthony; Fedele, Roberto; Turco, Emilio; dell’Isola, Francesco; Placidi, Luca; Misra, Anil; León Trujillo, Francisco James; Barchiesi, Emilio (Springer, 2023)
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    Numerical simulations of several planar failure modes of masonry structures are presented, based on the model and solving code from a recent hemivariational block-based model inspired from granular micromechanics (Tran et ...
  • Lanthanide-doped glasses under high pressure 

    Montoya Matos, Israel Roger; Carrillo Herrera, Alvaro; Buchner, Silvio; Balzaretti, Naira Maria (De Gruyter, 2022)
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    According to Zanotto and Mauro [1],“glass is a nonequilibrium, noncrystalline con-densed state of matter that exhibits a glass transition. The structure of glasses islike that of their parent supercooled liquids. Their ...