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dc.contributor.authorEtemadi, Marjan
dc.contributor.authorHamzehpoor, Mahdi
dc.contributor.authorNawaser, Khaled
dc.contributor.authorHanifah, Haniruzila
dc.contributor.authorVafaei-Zadeh, Ali
dc.contributor.otherNawaser, Khaled
dc.identifier.citationEtemadi, M., Hamzehpoor, M., Nawaser, K., Hanifah, H., Vafaei-Zadeh, A. (2022). Identification and prioritisation of factors affecting lean leadership model. International Journal of Management Practice, 15(3), 364-388.
dc.descriptionIndexado en Scopuses_PE
dc.description.abstractLean leadership has attracted many scholars in the human resource area. Eight factors affecting this conceptual construct with the highest significance level were identified and confirmed by the experts. Two significant outputs, i.e., the MICMAC analysis model, were obtained by applying soft operational research approaches and using structural-interpretative modelling and implementing its stages step-by-step. In the next stage, to enhance the analysis level, priorities were based on the severity of influence and how factors affecting lean leadership were addressed through the DEMATEL approach. This study showed that the most important factors on the new constructs of pure leadership are improvement, perspective, organisational culture, pure implementation, supportive structures, team performance, daily management and development of oneself and others. Research findings showed that the most influential factors on the modern construct of lean leadership include continuous improvement, vision, organisational culture, lean implementation, supportive structures, team performance, day-to-day management, and self-development.es_PE
dc.publisherInderscience Publisherses_PE
dc.relation.ispartofurn:issn: 1477-9064
dc.sourceRepositorio Institucional - Ulimaes_PE
dc.sourceUniversidad de Limaes_PE
dc.subject.classificationPendiente / Pendientees_PE
dc.titleIdentification and prioritisation of factors affecting lean leadership modeles_PE
dc.type.otherArtículo en Scopuses_PE
dc.identifier.journalInternational Journal of Management Practicees_PE
dc.description.peer-reviewRevisión por pareses_PE

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