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dc.contributor.authorLiberato Arenas, Anderson Yair
dc.contributor.authorCollao Diaz, Martin Fidel
dc.contributor.otherCollao Diaz, Martin Fidel
dc.identifier.citationLiberato-Arenas, A. & Collao-Diaz, M. (2022). Production Management Model Based on Lean Manufacturing and SPL to Increase Productivity in Clothing SMEs. In Proceedings of the 8th International Engineering, Sciences and Technology Conference, IESTEC 2022, Panama, Panama, October 2022, 87-91.
dc.descriptionIndexado en Scopuses_PE
dc.description.abstractMicro and small businesses currently have a low performance in productivity indicators in the clothing industry. For this reason, a management model in production is presented, whose main objective is to increase the productivity of operators in a (SME) textile sector. In response, it is proposed to design a model in the implementation of lean manufacturing tools, TPM and SPL whose approach is based on change management, using a sequence in the methodology to obtain better results. In phase one, a diagnosis of the company will be made using a Street Mapping (VSM) value. In phase 2, work areas are ordered and redesigned through the adoption of the 5S and SLP and then total productive maintenance (TPM) will be executed with work standardization. Finally, in phase 3, the indicators of the proposed model will be reassessed to validate and corroborate the effectiveness of the implementation of the integrative model.es_PE
dc.relation.ispartofurn:isbn: 978-166549843-2
dc.sourceRepositorio Institucional - Ulimaes_PE
dc.sourceUniversidad de Limaes_PE
dc.subject.classificationPendiente / Pendientees_PE
dc.titleProduction Management Model Based on Lean Manufacturing and SPL to Increase Productivity in Clothing SMEses_PE
dc.type.otherArtículo de conferencia en Scopuses_PE
dc.description.peer-reviewRevisión por pareses_PE
dc.contributor.studentLiberato Arenas, Anderson Yair (Ingeniería Industrial)

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