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    • An experimental test of two policies to increase donations to public projects 

      López-Pérez, Raúl; Ramirez-Zamudio, Aldo-Fabricio (ElsevierPaíses Bajos, 2020)
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      This paper uses lab-in-the-field experiments and theory to explore why people give money to gov-ernments. We assume that giving is motivated by outcome–oriented or consequentialist norms, andconditional on (a) others’ ...
    • Assessment of fiscal effort and voluntary tax compliance in Peru 

      Ramirez-Zamudio, Aldo-Fabricio; Nolazco-Cama, José-Luis (Universidad Católica de ColombiaCO, 2020)
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      This study examines the fiscal effort and voluntary compliance in the payment of taxes in Peru, given that in 2014, the Peruvian economy collected only 52.8% of its total tax potential. Through an experiment, the research ...