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    • Association Between Substance Use Behaviors, Developmental Assets and Mental Health: A Glance at Latin American Young College Students 

      Manrique Millones, Denisse Lisette; Wiium, Nora; Pineda Marín, Claudia; Fernández Arata, Manuel; Alfonso Murcia, Diego; López Martínez, José Luis; Millones Rivalles, Rosa Bertha (Frontiers Media, 2021)
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      Positive Youth Development (PYD) is an approach that promotes resilience and focuses on youth strengths rather than their weaknesses as done by the traditional deficit-based perspective. Research in Europe and North America ...
    • Coping Responses During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Russia, Kyrgyzstan, and Peru 

      Voronin, Ivan A.; Manrique Millones, Denisse Lisette; Vasin, Georgy M.; Millones Rivalles, Rosa Bertha; Manrique Pino, Oscar; Fernandez Rios, Nataly; Marakshina, Yulia A.; Lobaskova, M. M.; Symanyuk, Elvira E.; Pecherkina, Anna A.; Ageeva, Irina A. .; Lysenkova, Irina A.; Ismatullina, Victoria I.; Sitnikova, Maria A.; Malykh, Sergey B. (Russsian Psychological Society, 2020)
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      Background. The COVID-19 pandemic has subjected people around the world to severe stress, evoking a variety of coping responses. Coping responses can be broadly classified into four strategies: 1) problem-focused coping; ...
    • El Inventario de Estrés Académico SISCO: análisis de sus propiedades psicométricas en una muestra peruana 

      Manrique Millones, Denisse Lisette; Millones Rivalles, Rosa Bertha; Manrique Pino, Oscar (Sociedad Española para el Estudio de la Ansiedad y el Estres, 2019)
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      Objetivo El objetivo de este estudio fue evaluar las propiedades psicométricas del Inventario de Estrés Académico SISCO en una muestra peruana. Método Se obtuvo información de 628 estudiantes universitarios pertenecientes ...