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    • Confined benzene within InOF-1: Contrasting CO2 and SO2 capture behaviours 

      Barrios-Vargas, Luz; Ruiz-Montoya, José; Landeros-Rivera, Bruno; Álvarez, J. Raziel; Alvarado-Alvarado, Daniel; Vargas, Rubicelia; Martínez, Ana; González-Zamora, Eduardo; Cáceres-Montero, Ludy; Morales-Gomero, Juan-Carlos; Ibarra, Ilich A. (Royal Society of ChemistryReino Unido, 2020)
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      The confinement of small amounts of benzene in InOF-1 (Bz@InOF-1) shows a contradictory behavior in the capture of CO2 and SO2. While the capture of CO2 is increased 1.6 times, compared to the pristine material, the capture ...
    • Factorial design for preparing chitosan nanoparticles and its use for loading and controlled release of indole-3-acetic acid with effect on hydroponic lettuce crops 

      Valderrama-Negrón, Ana-Cecilia; Jacinto-Hernández, Christian-Ronald; Lay, Jorge; Flores-E., Yoselyn; Zavaleta-C., Daniel; Rodríguez-Delfín, Alfredo (International Society of Biocatalysis and Agricultural BiotechnologyPaíses Bajos, 2020)
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      The excessive use of agrochemicals generates damage to the environment, so their controlled release from biodegradable nanoparticles represents a good solution. In this study, chitosan nanoparticles (CNPs) were prepared ...
    • Portable point-of-use photoelectrocatalytic device provides rapid water disinfection 

      Montenegro-Ayo, Renato-Martin; Barrios, Ana Cecilia; Mondal, Indrayudh; Bhagat, Kartik; Morales-Gomero, Juan-Carlos; Abbaszadegan, Morteza A.; Westerhoff, Paul K.; Perreault, François; Garcia-Segura, Sergi (ElsevierNL, 2020)
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      Portable water purification devices are needed to provide safe drinking water in rural communities, developing communities with low quality centralized water distribution, and military or recreational applications. Filtration, ...
    • Removal of azo dyes in aqueous solutions using magnetized and chemically modified chitosan beads 

      Muedas-Taipe, Golfer; Maza-Mejía, Ily-Marilú; Santillán, Fátima A.; Velásquez, Carlos-J.; Asencios, Yvan J.O. (ElsevierPaíses Bajos, 2020)
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      Azo dyes in wastewater coming from textile industry are detrimental, toxic, and affect the human health; therefore efficient wastewater treatments are needed. To contribute to the solution to this problem, in this paper ...
    • Scaling up photoelectrocatalytic reactors: A TiO2 nanotube-coated disc compound reactor effectively degrades acetaminophen 

      Montenegro-Ayo, Renato-Martin; Morales-Gomero, Juan-Carlos; Alarcón-Cavero, Hugo-Arturo; Cotillas, Salvador; Westerhoff, Paul K.; Garcia-Segura, Sergi (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing InstituteCH, 2019)
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      Multiple discs coated with hierarchically-organized TiO2 anatase nanotubes served as photoelectrodes in a novel annular photoelectrocatalytic reactor. Electrochemical characterization showed light irradiation enhanced the ...
    • Software Curriculum Transformation at the University Level 

      Dorin, Michael; Chong, Mario; Machuca-de-Pina, Juan-Manuel (IEEEUS, 2020)
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      Many software-related degrees exist, and a diversity of programs makes it difficult for candidates to choose where they wish to study. Selecting the wrong program costs students time, money, and considerable effort. Though ...
    • ZnO (Ag-N) Nanorods Films Optimized for Photocatalytic Water Purification 

      Sanchez, Luis; Castillo, Carlos; Cruz, Willy; Yauri, Bryan; Sosa, Miguel; Luyo, Clemente; Candal, Roberto-Jorge; Ponce-Álvarez, Silvia; Rodríguez, Juan-M. (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing InstituteSuiza, 2019)
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      ZnO nanorods (NRs) films, nitrogen-doped (ZnO:N), and ZnO doped with nitrogen and decorated with silver nanostructures (ZnO:N-Ag) NRs films were vertically supported on undoped and N doped ZnO seed layers by a wet chemical ...