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  • The Impact of COVID-19 on the Volatility of Copper Futures 

    Melo-Vega Angeles, Oscar Eduardo; Chuquillanqui Lichardo, Bryan Stephano (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI), 2023)
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    The COVID-19 pandemic has introduced significant uncertainty across various economic sectors, most notably in the industrial sector due to the high volatility in copper futures markets. These markets play a crucial role ...
  • Comparison of the Antioxidant Power of Extracts of the Red vs. Yellow Nephelium lappaceum Variety 

    Diaz Rojas, Mariana; Álvarez-Risco, Aldo; Loáiciga González, Alejandra Eugenia; Arguedas Chaverri, Eduardo; Rodríguez Yebra, Lissette; Del-Aguila-Arcentales, Shyla; Yáñez, Jaime A. (MDPI, 2023)
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    Nephelium lappaceum L., also known as “Chinese mamon” (mamon chino) or “rambutan”, is an exotic fruit of tropical climate with a sweet flavor and aroma, which can be found in the territory of Costa Rica in the Brunca and ...
  • Attitude Is Not Enough to Separate Solid Waste at Home in Lima 

    Méndez Lazarte, Christiam Ismael; Bohorquez-Lopez, Victor W.; Caycho Chumpitaz, Carlos Teodoro; Estrada Merino, Alfredo (MDPI, 2023)
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    Facilitating solid waste separating behavior at home continues to be a challenge for municipal programs in emerging economies. Large cities concentrate the generation of solid waste and, in Latin America, a great percentage ...
  • Creating a Green Circular Entrepreneurship Mindset in Students 

    Anderson Seminario, María de las Mercedes; Álvarez-Risco, Aldo (Springer, 2023)
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    Today in the world, there are still entrepreneurs who prefer a model of linear growth and consumerism, which means that the objective is to increase the production and sales volume of products in the market and their profit, ...
  • Green Entrepreneurship—Added Value as a Strategic Orientation Business Model 

    Castillo Benancio, Sarahit; Álvarez-Risco, Aldo; Almanza Cruz, Camila; Leclercq Machado, Luigi Diego; Esquerre Botton, Sharon Mariana; Anderson Seminario, María de las Mercedes; Del-Aguila-Arcentales, Shyla (Springer, 2023)
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    Traditional entrepreneurship focuses on a take-make-waste strategy to deliver goods on the market. Nonetheless, environmental and social concerns foment the necessity to adopt a new perspective of producing and selling ...
  • Theory of Sustainable Paths for Entrepreneurship Associated with Fashion and Practical Examples 

    Arias Meza, Marian Gabriela; Álvarez-Risco, Aldo; Cuya Velásquez, Berdy Briggitte; Gómez Prado, Romina Araceli; Anderson Seminario, María de las Mercedes; Del-Aguila-Arcentales, Shyla (Springer, 2023)
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    The fashion industry is one sector that generates the most pollution globally due to the overproduction generated by the high demand for products. From its production to the end of its life cycle, it is negatively impacted ...
  • The Public Health Contribution of Sentiment Analysis of Monkeypox Tweets to Detect Polarities Using the CNN-LSTM Model 

    Iparraguirre-Villanueva, Orlando; Álvarez-Risco, Aldo; Herrera Salazar, Jose Luis; Beltozar-Clemente, Saul; Zapata-Paulini, Joselyn; Yáñez, Jaime A.; Cabanillas-Carbonell, Michael (MDPI, 2023)
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    Monkeypox is a rare disease caused by the monkeypox virus. This disease was considered eradicated in 1980 and was believed to affect rodents and not humans. However, recent years have seen a massive outbreak of monkeypox ...
  • Evaluation of Environmental Contamination by Toxic Elements in Agricultural Soils and Their Health Risks in the City of Arequipa, Peru 

    Huerta Alata, Marcela; Álvarez-Risco, Aldo; Suni Torres, Lucia; Moran, Karina; Pilares, Denis; Carling, Gregory; Paredes, Betty; Del-Aguila-Arcentales, Shyla; Yáñez, Jaime A. (MDPI, 2023)
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    This study evaluated the concentration of toxic elements in soil samples from agricultural fields in the districts of Sachaca, Socabaya, Hunter, Quequeña, Yarabamba, Characato and Tiabaya in the city of Arequipa, Peru. The ...
  • Factors Associated with Mortality in Patients with COVID-19 from a Hospital in Northern Peru 

    Valladares-Garrido, Mario J.; Álvarez-Risco, Aldo; Vasquez-Elera, Luis E.; Valdiviezo-Morales, Christopher G.; Martinez-Rivera, Raisa N.; Cruz-Zapata, Annel L.; Pereira-Victorio, César Johan; Garcia-Peña, Elian; Failoc-Rojas, Virgilio E.; Del-Aguila-Arcentales, Shyla; Davies, Neal M.; Yáñez, Jaime A. (MDPI, 2023)
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    We aimed to identify the factors associated with mortality in patients with COVID-19 from the hospitalization service of the Cayetano Heredia Hospital, Piura, Peru, from May to June 2020. A prospective study was conducted ...
  • Sociodemographic Predictors Associated with the Willingness to Get Vaccinated against COVID-19 in Peru: A Cross-Sectional Survey 

    Vizcardo, David; Salvador, Linder Figueroa; Nole-Vara, Arian; Pizarro Dávila, Karen; Álvarez-Risco, Aldo; Yáñez, Jaime A.; Mejia, Christian R. (MDPI, 2022)
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    During the race for the development of a vaccine against COVID-19, even before its commercialization, part of the population has already shown a growing fear of its application. We designed an analytical cross-sectional ...
  • Push and pull motivations as predictors of satisfaction and loyalty in coastal cities: a study in Lima, Peru 

    Carvache-Franco, Mauricio; Álvarez-Risco, Aldo; Carvache-Franco, Wilmer; Carvache-Franco, Orly; Del-Aguila-Arcentales, Shyla (Taylor & Francis Group., 2022)
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    Cities with coastal characteristics bring together a set of natural and cultural activities that attract tourists. Therefore, knowing tourism demand in these destinations is crucial to improve visitors’ experience. The ...
  • Determinants of Online Repurchase Intention inCovid-19 Times: Evidence From an EmergingEconomy 

    Álvarez-Risco, Aldo; Quipuzco-Chicata, Liliana; Escudero-Cipriani, Carlos (Universidad de Antioquia, 2022)
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    COVID-19 has led to social isolation and a subsequent increase in online shopping has been observed. The present study is based on theory of reasoned action and focused on 371 Peruvian consumers, it seeks to evaluate the ...
  • Designing an Adventure Tourism Package from the Preferences of the Visitors 

    Carvache-Franco, Mauricio; Carvache-Franco, Wilmer; Carvache-Franco, Orly; Álvarez-Risco, Aldo; Orden-Mejía, Miguel; Recalde-Lino, Xavier (ASERS Publishing House, 2022)
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    Analyzing the preferences for adventure tourism in a destination serves to design an adventure tourism package, helping to improve the offer of products in places that have natural resources for the development of this ...
  • Influence of Social, Environmental and Economic Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) over Continuation of Entrepreneurship and Competitiveness 

    Del-Aguila-Arcentales, Shyla; Álvarez-Risco, Aldo; Jaramillo-Arévalo, Micaela; De-la-Cruz-Diaz, Myreya; Anderson-Seminario, Maria de las Mercedes (MDPI, 2022)
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    The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were proposed in 2015 to promote worldwide improvements in human wellbeing. Governments have different levels of commitment to the SDGs, reflected in the SDG index, which shows the ...
  • COVID-19, Mental Health and Its Relationship with Workplace Accidents 

    Del-Aguila-Arcentales, Shyla; Álvarez-Risco, Aldo; Villalobos-Alvarez, Diego; Carhuapoma-Yance, Mario; Yáñez, Jaime A. (Tech Science Press, 2022)
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    The general objective of this article is to show the relationship that exists in the COVID-19 pandemic, the mental health of people and the propensity for work-related accidents in companies. Various results are shown that ...
  • Multitasking Behavior and Perceptions of Academic Performance in University Business Students in Mexico during the COVID-19 Pandemic 

    Gonzáles-Gutierrez, Victoria; Álvarez-Risco, Aldo; Estrada Merino, Alfredo; Anderson Seminario, Maria de las Mercedes; Mlodzianowska, Sabina; Del-Aguila-Arcentales, Shyla; Yáñez, Jaime A. (Tech Science Press, 2022)
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    The current study measures the influence of multitasking behavior and self-efficacy for self-regulated learning (SESRL) on perceptions of academic performance and views in university students during the COVID-19 pandemic ...
  • Labeling of Genetically Modified (GM) Foods in Peru: Current Dogma and Insights of the Regulatory and Legal Statutes 

    Delgado-Zegarra, Jaime; Álvarez-Risco, Aldo; Cárdenas, Carmen; Donoso, Massiel; Moscoso, Stephanie; Rojas Román, Brenda; Del-Aguila-Arcentales, Shyla; Davies, Neal M.; Yáñez, Jaime A. (Hindawi, 2022)
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    The COVID-19 pandemic has affected and afflicted human lives and been a transformative catalyst leading to closure of many companies, disrupting mental health, and reducing access to food and exacerbating food insecurity. ...
  • Antibacterial and Antifungal Activity of Functionalized Cotton Fabric with Nanocomposite Based on Silver Nanoparticles and Carboxymethyl Chitosan 

    Arenas-Chávez, Carlos Alberto; De Hollanda, Luciana Maria; Arce-Esquivel, Arturo A.; Álvarez-Risco, Aldo; Del-Aguila-Arcentales, Shyla; Yáñez, Jaime A.; Vera-Gonzales, Corina (MDPI, 2022)
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    Cotton is the most widely used natural fiber for textiles; however, the capacity of cotton fibers to absorb large amounts of moisture, retain oxygen, and have a high specific surface area makes them more prone to microbial ...
  • Physical and Mechanical Characterization of a Functionalized Cotton Fabric with Nanocomposite Based on Silver Nanoparticles and Carboxymethyl Chitosan Using Green Chemistry 

    Quispe-Quispe, Linda Gabriela; Limpe-Ramos, Patricia; Arenas-Chávez, Carlos Alberto; Marcela Gomez, Monica; Mejia, Christian R.; Álvarez-Risco, Aldo; Del-Aguila-Arcentales, Shyla; Yáñez, Jaime A.; Vera-Gonzales, Corina (MDPI, 2022)
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    Cotton is the most widely used natural fiber for textiles but its innate capacity to absorb moisture, retain oxygen, and high specific surface area make it more prone to microbial contamination, becoming an appropriate ...
  • Adaptation and Validation of a Monkeypox Concern Instrument in Peruvian Adults 

    Mamani-Benito, Oscar; Carranza Esteban, Renzo Felipe; Pichen Fernández, Juan; Apaza Tarqui, Edison Effer; Mejia, Christian R.; Álvarez-Risco, Aldo; Del-Aguila-Arcentales, Shyla; Yáñez, Jaime A. (MDPI, 2022)
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    Monkeypox is causing great concern in society because of its great infective power and the possibility that it could become a new pandemic. This study aimed to adapt and validate the monkeypox concern scale in the Peruvian ...

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