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  • Nitrogen and metal pollution in the southern Caspian Sea: a multiple approach to bioassessment 

    Costantini, Maria Letizia; Agah, Homira; Fiorentino, Federico; Irandoost, Farnaz; León-Trujillo, Francisco-James; Careddu, Giulio; Calizza, Edoardo; Rossi, Loreto (SpringerCH, 2020)
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    The Caspian Sea hosts areas of high ecological value as well as industrial, leisure, and agricultural activities that dump into the water body different kinds of pollutants. In this complex context, a proper description ...
  • Numerical Simulation of Debris Flows of the Catastrophic Event of February 2019 in Mirave – Peru 

    Almeida Del Savio, Alexandre; Quisca-Astocahuana, Samuel-Ismael; Castillo-Navarro, Leonardo-Franco (Instituto de Pesquisas Ambientais em Bacias Hidrograficas (IPABHi), 2019)
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    Debris flows are geophysical phenomena, caused by torrential rain, which occur in mountainous areas, characterized by the detachment of slope and riverbed materials and their consequent dislodge through watersheds and ...