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    • Uso de CRM social para mejorar campañas de marketing dirigido en sector minorista 

      Bohorquez Lopez, Victor Wilfredo; Huaynate Mato, Edwin David; Méndez Lazarte, Christiam Ismael (Association for Information Systems, 2018)
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      Este estudio pretende demostrar que la efectividad de una campaña dirigida de marketing usando cupones puede mejorar utilizando elementos del CRM Social. Para lograrlo, se realizó un experimento consistente en otorgar ...
    • Dynamic networks in early international agrobusiness 

      Méndez Lazarte, Christiam Ismael (Escola Brasileira de Administração Pública e de Empresas, 2019)
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      This research aims to understand the benefits of networks, based on their origin, for the process of companies’ accelerated internationalization. The study adopts as a reference the emergence of Born Global enterprises, ...
    • Identificación del sentimiento expresado usando redes sociales en un contexto político 

      Bohorquez Lopez, Victor Wilfredo; Méndez Lazarte, Christiam Ismael; Altube, Lucas; Santana, Enmanuel (Americas Conference on Information Systems, 2019)
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      Este estudio pretende proponer una solución al problema de identificar el sentimiento de comentarios en español, debido a las variaciones idiomáticas existentes en los diversos países Latinoamericanos, plasmados en redes ...
    • CSR and branding in emerging economies: The effect of incomes and education 

      Cambra Fierro, Jesús Juan; Flores Hernández, Javier Alfredo; Pérez, L.; Valera Blanes, G. (Wiley-Blackwell, 2020)
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      Sustainable development is a fundamental objective for guaranteeing the future of the planet. Taking into account the impact of emerging economies on the global economy and the scarcity of papers that have considered the ...
    • Sustainability and branding in retail: a model of chain of effects 

      Flores Hernández, Javier Alfredo; Olavarría Jaraba, Ana; Valera Blanes, Guadalupe; Vázquez Carrasco, Rosario (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI), 2020)
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      The main objective of this study is to analyse the impact of sustainable practices on companies' corporate reputation and brand image in the retail sector as perceived by consumers. In addition, we evaluate how those ...
    • How does customer perception of salespeople influence the relationship? A study in an emerging economy 

      Arditto Díaz, Luis Eduardo; Cambra Fierro, Jesús; Fuentes Blasco, María; Olavarría Jaraba, Ana; Vázquez Carrasco, Rosario (Elsevier, 2020)
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      Sales and sales force management is a complex activity that largely determines a company's commercial success. Customer perception of the salespeople in terms of expertise, trust, interaction, and risk can drive the ...
    • The interplay between social media communication, brand equity and brand engagement in tourist destinations: An analysis in an emerging economy 

      Huerta Álvarez, Rocío del Pilar; Cambra Fierro, Jesús; Fuentes Blasco, María (Elsevier, 2020)
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      The consolidation of Web 2.0 has modified the way people communicate and interact with tourists. User-generated social media communication continues to increase: to the detriment of traditional media channels, where the ...
    • Sustainability, brand image, reputation and financial value: manager perceptions in an emerging economy context 

      Flores Hernández, Javier Alfredo; Cambra Fierro, Jesús; Vázquez Carrasco, Rosario (John Wiley & Sons, 2020)
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      Sustainability has become a fundamental concern in today' world—one which firms can no longer remain oblivious to. Through CSR, companies can shore up financial sustainability by acting in responsible, socially and ...
    • Identification of main factors to characterize young people with greatest intention of buying footwear online 

      Méndez Lazarte, Christiam Ismael; Bohorquez Lopez, V.W. (26th Americas Conference on Information Systems, AMCIS 2020., 2020)
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      The study seeks to identify the main factors that contribute to characterize young people in an emerging city like Lima, one of the cities with the lowest online channel penetration in Latin America, intending to buy a ...
    • Impact of emotional style on academic goals in pandemic times 

      Garay, Jessica Paola Palacios; Escalante Flores, Jorge Luis; Chumacero Calle, Juan Carlos; Bautista, Inocenta Marivel Cavarjal; Perez Saavedra, Segundo; Nieto Gamboa, Jose (Sciedu Press, 2020)
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      The objective of the present study was to determine the incidence of university students’ emotional style on the dimensions of academic goals (academic goals, learning goals, achievement goals and social reinforcement ...
    • Relevance of salespeople profiles: an analysis in an emerging economy 

      Arditto Díaz, Luis Eduardo; Cambra Fierro, Jesús; Olavarría Jaraba, Ana; Vázquez Carrasco, Rosario (Emerald, 2020)
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      Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to analyze the impact of the salespeople profile (i.e., effort, commitment and creativity) – and its degree of market orientation (MO) – on the success of new product launch and sales ...
    • Impacto del mindfulness en el rendimiento académico de estudiantes universitarios: una revisión sistemática de literatura con VOSviewer 

      Galdo Jiménez, Alfredo José (Universidad Marcelino Champagnat, 2021)
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      La presente investigación tiene por objetivos determinar el nivel de impacto de la exclusión de algunos términos claves en la coocurrencia acerca del tema “Impacto del mindfulness en el rendimiento académico de estudiantes ...
    • Insertion of Emerging Countries Exports in Global Supply Chains 

      Méndez Lazarte, Christiam Ismael; Padilla Solis, Julio Alejandro (EAE Business School, 2021)
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      The objective of this research is to create a reference model to help an emerging country prepare a strategic and tactical plan for its export potential using information from digital media. Countries’ economic planning ...
    • Customer-based brand equity and customer engagement in experiential services: insights from an emerging economy 

      Cambra Fierro, Jesús Juan; Fuentes Blasco, María; Huerta Álvarez, Rocío del Pilar; Olavarría, Ana (Springer, 2021)
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      The aim of this research is to analyze links between customer-based brand equity and customer engagement in the field of experiential services (e.g., private health clinics)—taking an emerging economy context as our ...
    • The correlation between cognitive styles and written corrective feedback preferences among Iranian and Turkish EFL learners 

      Kivi, Parivash Jamali; Hernández Vásquez, Ronald; Escalante Flores, Jorge Luis; Garay, Jessica Paola Palacios; Fuster Guillén, Doris (Birlesik Dunya Yenilik Arastirma ve Yayincilik Merkezi, 2021)
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      This study aimed at finding the correlation between Iranian and Turkish EFL learners’ cognitive styles and their preferences for different WCF types. Sixty out of seventy-five EFL students at the intermediate level in two ...
    • Vacío legal en la tipificación de trata de personas 

      Capcha Carrillo, Tito; Palacios Garay, Jessica Paola; Escalante Flores, Jorge Luis; Cadenillas Albornoz, Violeta (Alumni in, 2022)
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      Objetivo: El objetivo del estudio fue analizar el vacío legal en la tipificación de trata de personas en un distrito de Lima Metropolitana. Método: El paradigma de la investigación realizado fue el interpretativo, ...
    • Atributos diferenciadores entre el comercio minorista tradicional y el moderno 

      Bohorquez-Lopez, Victor W.; García-Ortiz, Paula Andrea; Méndez Lazarte, Christiam Ismael; Caycho Chumpitaz, Carlos Teodoro (Universidad Nacional de Colombia, 2022)
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      La presente investigación se enfoca en identificar las diferencias entre el comercio tradicional (mercados de abastos) y el comercio moderno (supermercados), en un contexto en el cual el mercado tradicional representa ...
    • Diagnosis of Future Demand for the Design of University Courses 

      Ortiz Esaine, Nicolas Martin; Zapata, Rocio (IGI Global, 2022)
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      This study develops a method to determine future needs and competencies required for the design of future professional careers aligned with the demands of the country, institutions, and businesses. The article is based on ...
    • Fair trade and consumer valuation: Purchase intentions in an emerging economy 

      De la Piedra Vindrola, Sergio Edmundo; Juan M. Berbel-Pineda, Juan M.; Palacios-Florencio, Beatriz (John Wiley & Sons Ltd., 2022)
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      In the scientific literature, there is little evidence of empirical research concerning the impact of fair trade (FT) on shopping behaviour (this is practically non-existent, if we consider studies in emerging economies. ...
    • Destination recovery during COVID-19 in an emerging economy: Insights from Peru 

      Cambra-Fierro, Jesús J.; Fuentes-Blasco, María; Huerta Álvarez, Rocío del Pilar; Olavarría-Jaraba, Ana (European Academy of Management and Business Economics, 2022)
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      The onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic has had a critical impact on the travel and tourism sector. Tourist destinations in developing countries are even more susceptible to negative trends of this sort due to the importance ...