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  • Dataset of manually classified images obtained from a construction site 

    Almeida Del Savio, Alexandre; Luna, Ana; Cárdenas Salas, Daniel; Vergara Olivera, Mónica Alejandra; Urday, Gianella (Elsevier, 2022)
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    A manually classified dataset of images obtained by four static cameras located around a construction site is presented. Eight object classes, typically found in a construction environment, were considered. The dataset ...
  • Source to source compiler for the automatic parallelization of JavaScript code 

    Diaz Baskakov, Serguei; Gutierrez Cardenas, Juan Manuel (IEEE, 2021)
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    This work focuses on the development of a source-to-source compiler for the automatic parallelization of JavaScript code. The proposed compiler transforms the input code to an AST (Abstract syntax tree). Afterward, we ...
  • Classification of Breast Cancer and Breast Neoplasm Scenarios Based on Machine Learning and Sequence Features from lncRNAs–miRNAs-Diseases Associations 

    Gutiérrez-Cárdenas, Juan; Wang, Zenghui (Springer, 2021)
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    The influence of non-coding RNAs, such as lncRNAs (long non-coding RNAs) and miRNAs (microRNAs), is undeniable in several diseases, for example, in the formation of neoplasms and cancer scenarios. However, there are ...
  • Blockchain and smart contract for donation traceability 

    Ugaz Burga, Carlos; Valverde Grados, Rossy; Cárdenas-Salas, Daniel (IEEE, 2021)
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    It has been observed that an organization that administers donations has problems controlling the flow of incoming and outgoing donations, as it does not have an accurate record of how many donations come in, how many go ...
  • Humpback Whale’s Flukes Segmentation Algorithms 

    Castro Cabanillas, Andrea; Ayma Quirita, Víctor Hugo (Springer, 2021)
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    Photo-identification consists of the analysis of photographs to identify cetacean individuals based on unique characteristics that each specimen of the same species exhibits. The use of this tool allows us to carry out ...
  • On the relevance of the metadata used in the semantic segmentation of indoor image spaces 

    Vasquez Espinoza L.; Castillo Cara, M.; Orozco Barbosa L. (Elsevier, 2021)
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    The study of artificial learning processes in the area of computer vision context has mainly focused on achieving a fixed output target rather than on identifying the underlying processes as a means to develop solutions ...
  • Is It Intelligent? A Systematic Review of Intelligence in the Most Cited Papers in IoT 

    Grados Licham, Billy; Bedón Monzón, Héctor Manuel (Springer, 2021)
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    Artificial intelligence is a buzz word and even more when its accomplishments have challenged our intelligence. However, what is intelligence? Is there a consensus in its meaning for researchers and professionals? Is it ...
  • An experimental study of fog and cloud computing in CEP-based Real-Time IoT applications 

    Mondragon Ruiz, G.; Tenorio Trigoso, Alonso; Castillo Cara, M.; Caminero, B.; Carrion, C. (Springer, 2021)
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    Internet of Things (IoT) has posed new requirements to the underlying processing architecture, specially for real-time applications, such as event-detection services. Complex Event Processing (CEP) engines provide a powerful ...
  • Configurations of knowledge management practices, innovation, and performance: Exploring firms from Brazil 

    Dávila Calle, Guillermo Antonio; Dos Anjos, Edilene Cavalcanti (World Scientific, 2021)
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    This paper identifies the profiles of Brazilian firms according to their use of knowledge management (KM) practices, and then compares both innovative performance and organisational performance among these profiles. It ...
  • Insertion of Emerging Countries Exports in Global Supply Chains 

    Méndez Lazarte, Christiam Ismael; Padilla Solis, Julio Alejandro (EAE Business School, 2021)
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    The objective of this research is to create a reference model to help an emerging country prepare a strategic and tactical plan for its export potential using information from digital media. Countries’ economic planning ...
  • Virtual Reality and BIM Methodology as Teaching- Learning Improvement Tools for Sanitary Engineering Courses 

    Rossado Espinoza, Verónica Paola; Cárdenas Salas, Daniel Enrique; Cabrera Lau, Angela; Coronel, Lucía (International Association of Online Engineering, 2021)
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    Virtual Reality (VR) is often used to describe a 3D environment wherein objects and images of the real world are simulated through technology. In architectural or civil engineering, the design process with 2D planes could ...
  • One-class models for validation of miRNAs and ERBB2 gene interactions based on sequence features for breast cancer scenarios 

    Gutiérrez Cárdenas, Juan Manuel; Wan, Zenghui (Korean Institute of Communication Sciences, 2021)
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    One challenge in miRNA–genes–diseases interaction studies is that it is challenging to find labeled data that indicate a positive or negative relationship between miRNA and genes. The use of one-class classification methods ...
  • Proposing a TAM-SDT-based model to examine the user acceptance of massively multiplayer online games 

    Linares Barbero, Manuela; Dolores Gallego, M.; Bueno, Salvador (MDPI, 2021)
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    This study is focused on the massively multiplayer online games’ acceptance. In general, while specialized literature reveals that the online gaming industry has grown strongly in recent years, little evidence is identified ...
  • A comparison of classification models to detect cyberbullying in the Peruvian Spanish language on twitter 

    Cuzcano Chavez, Ximena Marianne; Ayma Quirita, Victor Hugo (Science and Information Organization, 2020)
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    Cyberbullying is a social problem in which bullies’ actions are more harmful than in traditional forms of bullying as they have the power to repeatedly humiliate the victim in front of an entire community through social ...
  • Association Between Substance Use Behaviors, Developmental Assets and Mental Health: A Glance at Latin American Young College Students 

    Manrique Millones, Denisse; Wiium, Nora; Pineda Marín, Claudia; Fernández Arata, Manuel; Alfonso Murcia, Diego; López Martínez, José Luis; Millones Rivalles, Rosa Bertha (Frontiers Media, 2021)
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    Positive Youth Development (PYD) is an approach that promotes resilience and focuses on youth strengths rather than their weaknesses as done by the traditional deficit-based perspective. Research in Europe and North America ...
  • Systematic mapping of the literature on Secure Software Development 

    Nina Hanco, Hernán; Pow Sang, Jose Antonio; Villavicencio, Monica (IEEE, 2021)
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    The accelerated growth in exploiting vulnerabilities due to errors or failures in the software development process is a latent concern in the Software Industry. In this sense, this study aims to provide an overview of the ...
  • Coping Responses During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Russia, Kyrgyzstan, and Peru 

    Voronin, Ivan A.; Manrique Millones, Denisse; Vasin, Georgy M.; Millones Rivalles, Rosa Bertha; Manrique Pino, Oscar; Fernandez Rios, Nataly; Marakshina, Yulia A.; Lobaskova, M. M.; Symanyuk, Elvira E.; Pecherkina, Anna A.; Ageeva, Irina A. .; Lysenkova, Irina A.; Ismatullina, Victoria I.; Sitnikova, Maria A.; Malykh, Sergey B. (Russsian Psychological Society, 2020)
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    Background. The COVID-19 pandemic has subjected people around the world to severe stress, evoking a variety of coping responses. Coping responses can be broadly classified into four strategies: 1) problem-focused coping; ...
  • The influence of digital transformation of the peruvian public sector on citizen trust 

    Díaz Parra, José Raúl; Libaque Sáenz, Christian Fernando (26th Americas Conference on Information Systems, AMCIS 2020., 2020)
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    Developing countries have been launching e-government projects; a number of them have, however, failed partially or completely, generating distrust in citizens. E-government implies an internal approach, which has been ...
  • Gender gap in IT in Latin America 

    Guzman, Indira R. Indira R.; Berardi, Rita Cristina Galarraga; Tapia, Patricia Cabero; Rodríguez Rodríguez, Nadia Katherine; MacIel, Cristiano; Marín Raventós, Gabriela; Rodriguez, Michelle (26th Americas Conference on Information Systems, AMCIS 2020., 2020)
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    The underrepresentation of women in IT related majors such as computer science, computer engineering, and information systems (IS) has been evident all over the world. As a result, many private and public institutions have ...
  • A Comparison of Authentication Methods via Keystroke Dynamics 

    Lo, Aron; Ayma Quirita, Victor Hugo; Gutiérrez Cárdenas, Juan Manuel (IEEE, 2020)
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    Authentication systems based on keystroke dynamics analyze the typical typing pattern of a user when interacting with an input device, such as the keyboard of a computer. In the literature, three major approaches on keystroke ...

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