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    • Integración de la teoría del comportamiento planeado y el enfoque de las capacidades logísticas para explicar el desperdicio de alimentos en el hogar 

      Méndez Lazarte, Christiam Ismael; Ramón-Jerónimo, María Ángeles (Cátedra Fundación Ramón Areces de Distribución Comercial. Universidad de Oviedo, 2023)
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      La presente investigación combina la Teoría del Comportamiento Planeado (TCP) y el enfoque de capacidades logísticas (ECL), conocido como rutinas alimentarias, con el propósito de identificar los factores que se asocian ...
    • AI ethics for earth sciences 

      Rivas, Pablo; Thompson, Christopher; Tafur Acenjo, Brenda Xiomara; Khanal, Bikram; Ayoade, Olawale; Jui, Tonni Das; Sooksatra, Korn; Orduz, Javier; Bejarano, Gissella (Elsevier, 2023)
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      Following standards for artificial intelligence (AI) ethics and best practices can ensure that researchers and practitioners share better insights across subdisciplines. In the Earth sciences, the practice of responsible ...
    • Artificial Intelligence Applied to the Control and Monitoring of Construction Site Personnel 

      Del Savio, Alexandre Almeida; Luna Torres, Ana Felícita; Cárdenas Salas, Daniel Enrique; Vergara Olivera, Mónica Alejandra; Urday Ibarra, Gianella Tania (Springer, 2023)
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      Many countries are working towards gradually lifting restrictions generated by the COVID-19 virus as post-quarantine measures. The construction industry has had to adapt to new forms of work with economic and physical ...
    • Finite Element Model for End-Plate Beam-to-Column Connections Under Bending and Axial Forces 

      Diaz Velazco, Israel Alan Leon Aurelio; Del Savio, Alexandre Almeida (Springer, 2023)
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      The assessment of steel beam-to-column connections is a fundamental piece in the design process of steel structures according to the guidelines established by standards such as Eurocode 3—Part 1.8 and ANSI/AISC 358-16. In ...
    • Influence of Soil-Pile-Structure Interaction on Seismic Response of Reinforced Concrete Buildings 

      Madrid Argomedo, Manuel Ricardo; Zegarra Alvarado, Juan David; Perez Luna, Pablo Alfonso; Roncal, Miguel (Springer, 2023)
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      It is well known that Peru is located in one of the most active seismic zones in the world and seismic design is a primary concern. Building constructions has increased in Peru during the last few years, especially on the ...
    • Experimental Research on the Influence of Polypropylene Macrofiber Thickness in Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Mechanical Strengths 

      Del Savio, Alexandre Almeida; La Torre Esquivel, Darwin; Gamboa Buendia, Bruno; Zuñiga Mejia, Jennifer Josabeth (Springer, 2023)
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      Herein, the effects of polypropylene fiber thickness on the compressive strength, split tensile strength, and flexural strength or modulus of rupture of polypropylene fiber reinforced concrete (PPFRC) were investigated. ...
    • Use of Residues from the Metallurgical Industry in Construction 

      Power Porto, George Felix (Springer, 2023)
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      The metallurgical industry produces a large amount of residues and wastes that can be successfully applied in building and construction. Key sectors, like iron and steel, aluminium, copper, zinc, lead, silicon and ferrosilicon, ...
    • Fractionation of Seeds or Grains 

      Capitani, Marianela; Scilingo, Adriana; Calandri, Edgardo; Giménez, María Alejandra; Martínez, Marcela Lilian; Ixtaína, Vanesa; Chasquibol Silva, Nancy Ascención; Pérez Camino, M. Carmen; Bassett, Natalia; Delgado-Soriano, Víctor; Repo-Carrasco-Valencia, Ritva Ann-Mari; Haros, Claudia M.; Tomás, Mabel (CRC Press, 2023)
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      In the last few years, the Latin-American seeds have gained increased importance (also due to the increased demand for gluten-free foods). Worldwide demand for Latin-American seeds and grains has risen in a high proportion. ...
    • The use and meaning of gold in ancient Peru 

      Vetter, Luisa; Carcedo Muro de Mufarech, Paloma (Springer, 2022)
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      Gold as a native metal is found in nature in quartz veins with pyrite and other sulfurous minerals from epigenetic mineral deposits, or in secondary deposits, known as placers, the gold from which is called alluvial gold ...
    • El cine en el Perú: 1950-1972; testimonios 

      Carbone de Mora Campos, Giancarlo (Universidad de Lima, 1993)
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      La obra está marcada por el recuento de las diversas aproximaciones a la cultura cinematográfica que nace primero con la afición cineclubista y los distintos intentos de difusión cinematográfica y la creación de la cinemateca ...
    • El cine en el Perú: 1897-1950, testimonios 

      Carbone de Mora Campos, Giancarlo (Universidad de Lima, 1991)
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      Recopilación de entrevistas realizadas por el CEDOC desde el año 1987 hasta nuestros días, y hoy las damos a conocer por primera vez a la comunidad en general. Entre nuestros entrevistados hay ya algunos fallecidos ...
    • Tendencias del cine regional peruano reciente 

      Bustamante Quiroz, Emilio (Universidad de Buenos Aires. Editorial de la Facultad de Filosofía y Letras, 2023)
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      El panorama del cine peruano cambia a partir de 1996, motivado en buena medida por el abaratamiento de la tecnología. En diciembre de ese año se estrena en Ayacucho el largometraje Lágrimas de fuego (dirigido por José ...
    • Peruvian regional cinema 

      Bustamante Quiroz, Emilio; Luna Victoria, Jaime (Springer, 2023)
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      This chapter gives an overview of Peruvian Regional Cinema, which the authors broadly define as filmmaking that takes place outside of Lima and is a low-budget cinema with artisanal forms of production and distribution ...
    • Benefit Corporations in the Peruvian Legal Ecosystem 

      Mujica Filippi, Juan Diego; Ochoa Pérez, Claudia (Springer, 2022)
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      In 2020, Peru became the third country in Latin America to adopt the benefit corporation model into its legal system, following its neighbors, Colombia and Ecuador, in proposing a legal model to identify purpose-driven ...
    • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy in Analyses of Biological Samples 

      Stanisic, Danijela; Gelain Martins, Lucas; Tasic, Ljubica (Springer, 2021)
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      Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy can be used for the analysis of almost all biological samples regardless of their complexity and physical state, sometimes requiring minimal sample preparation and handling ...
    • Astrobioethics Considerations Regarding Space Exploration 

      Chon Torres, Octavio Alfonso (Oxford University Press, 2023)
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      “Astrobioethics Considerations Regarding Space Exploration” discusses a number of questions about space exploration that begin to emerge in the context of astrobioethics, the area of study that examines the moral implications ...
    • Validation of a Hemi-Variational Block-Based Approach to the Modelling of Common In-plane Failures in Masonry Structures 

      Torres Espino, José Manuel; Espinoza Sandoval, Jaime Heman; Tran, Chuong Anthony; Fedele, Roberto; Turco, Emilio; dell’Isola, Francesco; Placidi, Luca; Misra, Anil; León Trujillo, Francisco James; Barchiesi, Emilio (Springer, 2023)
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      Numerical simulations of several planar failure modes of masonry structures are presented, based on the model and solving code from a recent hemivariational block-based model inspired from granular micromechanics (Tran et ...
    • Astrobioethics: Epistemological, Astrotheological, and Interplanetary Issues 

      Chon Torres, Octavio Alfonso (Wiley, 2021)
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      The themes that arise as we enter the philosophical discussion on astrobiology are many and diverse. Of all these, ethics is presented as a rather complex one. Therefore, astrobioethics is the branch of philosophy and ...
    • Peruvian regional cinema: Transtextuality, gender and violence in Bullying maldito, la historia de María Marimacha 

      Bustamante Quiroz, Emilio (Springer, 2020)
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      This chapter analyses the connections between the Ayacuchean film Bullying maldito, la historia de María Marimacha [Damned Bullying, the Story of María Marimacha] (Mélinton Eusebio, 2015), American horror and B-series ...
    • The peruvian short film: Styles and treatments of memory, politics, and violence 

      Bedoya Wilson, Ricardo (Springer, 2020)
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      The short film is the area of cinematographic activity that has allowed Peruvian filmmakers to practice their craft. Each year, more than a hundred short films are produced in various regions of the country. These films ...